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Test Drive Unlimited 2 free DLC hits this weekend

Matt Purslow at

Upon release, Test Drive Unlimited 2 was a bit of a mess. Thankfully Joystiq have reported that an update hitting the PC this weekend adds new content and irons out some of the bugs, and is available for free.

The Exploration Pack adds new cars, events and outfits. There's also a stereoscopic 3D mode added should you have the set-up and wish to race in all three dimensions. The complete patch list can be found after the jump.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 patch fixes login issues, free DLC incoming

Tom Senior at

Atari have released a patch to fix some of the major issues with Test Drive Unlimited 2. Disappearing friends lists, invites, Clubs, save file corruption and login issues are all tackled in the update. As a way of saying sorry for the launch problems, Eden Games will be releasing the first chunk of premium DLC to all players for free.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 server problems getting patched. Sunglasses stuck to racer's faces

Owen Hill at

Test Drive Unlimited 2's launch has suffered something of a false start. Some players can't log into the servers. Others can't remove sunglasses from their faces. We're not sure which is more upsetting. We guess it depends on the brand of shades and the weather at the time.

Read on for details and the developer's estimate for a potential fix.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 trailer takes racing to Ibiza

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The original Test Drive Unlimited was a free roaming open world racer set on a Hawaiian island. You could cruise around looking for races and earning money to buy new cars and houses, and it was a promising precursor to games like the excellent Burnout Paradise, with an MMO-slant that's still unique today. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is looking to usurp Criterion's street racer with a sequel that boasts bigger and prettier locations, showcased in the latest trailer, embedded below.