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OlliOlli PC release date announced

Phil Savage at

If you're a regular player of PC games, it's rare to be struck by indie envy. There's an absurd amount of games out there, of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds – easily more than could be played in a lifetime. Despite that, when 2D skating game OlliOlli arrived on PS Vita, I very nearly bought one. Thankfully, I held off, and now the game is just a week away from its PC release. Rad!

Bloody new Gods Will Be Watching trailer heralds July launch date

Andy Chalk at

Devolver Digital has announced that Deconstructeam's Gods Will Be Watching, a "point-and-click thriller" about ethical dilemmas and tough choices in a nasty, brutish world, will be coming later this month. And for those who doubt the "nasty and brutish" part, it's also released a new gameplay trailer in which a man chops off somebody's arm with an axe.

Serious Sam 2 swaps GameSpy for Steamworks, not being on sale for being on sale

Tom Sykes at

GameSpy is gone. Not just the site *sniff*, but the multiplayer server thing that for some reason outlived it. This link should you tell you all you need to know about any games in your collection unfortunately burdened with the "Powered by GameSpy" motto, but you can now add another to the list. Serious Sam 2 - confusingly the sequel to Serious Sam: The Second Encounter - has swapped GameSpy for Steamworks, which should hold us until Steam goes bust at any rate. The update that makes the transition happen also fixes "problems with FOV on widescreen resolutions" and "wrong rendering of Uzi weapon in first person", which is good to know.

Level edit your own massacres in Hotline Miami 2

Tim Clark at

The brains which designed the original levels in twitchcore top-down murder-'em-up Hotline Miami must have been fetid, broken, wrong places. And now they can be your brains too. At E3 Dennaton Games has released a new trailer showing for the second (and supposedly final) game in the series, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, showing how you can create and share your own levels. This is that…

Hatoful Boyfriend, the pigeon dating sim, is coming this summer

Andy Chalk at

Hatoful Boyfriend came into existence in 2011 as a Japanese visual novel, a type of interactive fiction. It was a romance story with a twist: Everyone in it, except you, is a pigeon. A bit strange, perhaps, but it attracted quite a fan following, enough to earn a translation into English and even a sequel. And now Devolver Digital has announced that a full-on remake is coming from Mediatonic later this summer.

Always Sometimes Monsters review

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Your career is slipping through your fingers, you can't afford to pay your rent, and the person you once thought would love you forever has walked out of your life. When things go so wrong so fast, it's human nature to obsess over what you could have done differently. Story-heavy RPG Always Sometimes Monsters asks what we can do instead, and specifically what choices we will make when we try to set things right.

Your character's goal arrives in the post on the second day of the main story: an invitation to the wedding of their now ex-partner, in one month's time. To make it there, you'll walk from place to place, visiting and talking to dozens of different characters via some basic top-down RPG interaction and managing a simple inventory of things like the food you'll need to keep up your stamina.

Always Sometimes Monsters launch trailer teases love, loss and adult behaviour

Phil Savage at

What happened to our pixels? They used to be innocent and carefree; playing cheerfully amid the parallax landscapes of simple geometry. And yes, occasionally they'd have to fireball a reptile or bash in a robot bee, but that was a small price to pay. Now look at them, cavorting, pining, and huffing god knows what from a rudimentary bong. Always Sometimes Monsters is corrupting our pixels! Ban this sick launch trailer, etc.

Devolver Digital procedurally generates new FPS Heavy Bullets

Emanuel Maiberg at

What if Megatron was a first-person shooter and Devolver Digital slipped him way more drugs than he could handle? What kind of power-up do you get from wearing high heels? Do you really need more ammo than what a single revolver can hold? Heavy Bullets, out now on Steam Early Access, aims to answer these important questions.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number trailer is so wrong it's right

Phil Savage at

Ahhhh, the music! For all Hotline Miami's poking and prodding of its players' moral core, it was the first game's faux-80s Drive-a-like soundtrack that propelled me through wanton violence and gore. On the basis of this new trailer for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, the same is set to happen again.

Broforce bros out on Early Access, adds a female bro

Emanuel Maiberg at

It’s time to turn around that baseball cap, pop a collar, and tap a keg. The retro side-scrolling action game Broforce has landed on Steam Early Access. $15 will give you access to bro-op and deathmatch modes, a level editor, and dozens of playable bros inspired by movie action heroes, including an all new female bro. A brodette?

Super Game Jam is a documentary series following five indie teams across 48-hour game development

Phil Savage at

As someone prone to procrastination, game jams remain an inherently impressive undertaking. Given 48-hours to create something from scratch, I'm far more likely to emerge with nothing but strong feelings on a trending Twitter topic. Five hopefully more dedicated teams are about to squeeze an entire game out of a two-day period as part of Devolver Digital's Super Game Jam. The documentary series will follow a selection of developers, including Hotline Miami's Jonatan Söderström, LUFTRAUSERS' Jan Willem Nijman, and Gunpoint's (and, once upon a time, PC Gamer's) Tom Francis.

Gods Will Be Watching trailer shows brutal survival, reveals June release date

Phil Savage at

Pixels have long been the tool used to create cheerful worlds full of vibrant charm and wholesome challenges. Increasingly, that's no longer the case. Subversive indies have defaced the magical squares, having them enact all manner of depravity. Gods Will Be Watching is the upcoming expanded version of a Ludum Dare entry, and further destroys the purity of the pixel through torture, sacrifice and dystopian squalor. It looks pretty great.

Broforce beta hits Humble Store, heading to Steam Early Access next month

Tom Senior at

Can you guide your bro through a Metal Slug styled bropocalypse without brosploding? Broforce asks all the important questions, like can Bronan the Brobarian stand up to a world full of nameless goon armies with a single blade? Which of the 15+ available bros will deliver the most efficient pastiche of '80s and '90s action cinema? Is it Rambro or Brobocop? I'm partial to John McClane send-up, Bro Hard, but each to their own. You say brotato, I say brotato.

A free "brototype" version of this jolly run 'n gun goon-massacre sim is playable in your browser on the Broforce site, which is a good way to find out whether or not you like it enough to pay to get into the beta. Access is available for $15 on the Humble Store, and is due to pop up on Steam Early Access next month. A full release is expected in summer according to a message sent over by Free Lives' new publishing partners, Devolver Digital. There's a moderately exciting video, too, detailing new characters and upcoming multiplayer modes, which you'll find right here.

Duke Nukem 3D adds multiplayer, co-op modes on Steam

Emanuel Maiberg at

Grab your 56 kbps modems and triple-barreled machine guns. Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition has just been updated with multiplayer and cooperative modes. The Megaton Edition, which includes the original game and three expansion packs, is also discounted by 60 percent on Steam until Friday, down to $4.

Duke Nukem 3D gets Steam Workshop support, dozens of fan-made maps

Tom Senior at

Earlier this week the Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton edition was updated with the level editor, Steam Workshop support and a guide explaining how it all works. AND LO, the mapmakers did come, and make a wide and varied collection of Duke levels for us to download and play for free while making happy nostalgic noises to ourselves.

Clown adventure Dropsy Kickstarted, lands publishing deal with Devolver Digital

Ian Birnbaum at

Open-world adventure game Dropsy is nearing the end of a successful Kickstarter campaign, buoyed by its fanbase and reputation as the game made by the internet. For Dropsy the clown, there’s even more good news on the horizon: Devolver Digital has agreed to join Jay Tholen, Dropsy’s creator, in a publishing partnership.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior lets you clean up your own mess

Phil Savage at

Okay, this is weird. In playing The Stanley Parable's demo, I seem to have been transported to an alternate universe where daft things just happen. Not that I'm complaining. It's much better than the reality I came from. Everyone there took things far too seriously. Not like here, where the makers of old-school remake Shadow Warrior can team up with the makers of janitorial sim Viscera Cleanup Detail to create a free DLC update that lets you clean up after a particularly messy katana battle.

Defense Technica announced, a tower defence game that looks a lot like a tower defence game

Tom Sykes at

Kuno Interactive's Defense Technica is claiming to be "the next evolution in hardcore tower defense strategy games", something that seemingly means 'looks a lot like Defense Grid, only prettier'. Technica, too, features towers, robots, and a thing what you have to defend - but it also features "dynamic battlefields and weather systems", with terrain changes in particular supposedly requiring on-the-fly shifts in your strategy. It's an oddly generic game from publishers Devolver Digital, but at least it's responsible for another Fork Parker quote, which I've shamelessly stashed beneath the break.

Shadow Warrior launch trailer brings explosive weapons, musical interludes

Phil Savage at

It seems '80s pop rock isn't going anywhere. In fact, it was only last night I was super-sprinting through Saint Row IV's virtual Steelport to Stan Bush's The Touch. Now it's back again, in the launch trailer to the equally absurd Shadow Warrior. Flying Wild Hog's re-imagining of 3D Realms' other game is out now, and available at a 10% discount until October 3rd.

Shadow Warrior gets a 'wangtastic' new trailer, flaunts fish physics and destructible bikes

Tom Sykes at

Shadow Warrior's new trailer is not only a great showcase for Flying Wild Hog's upcoming reboot - it's also a brilliant pisstake of all those 'next-gen' engine trailers that will literally zoom in on a puddle to impress. This video focuses on the "under-appreciated features" of the gory throwback, including "advanced fish physics" and "next-gen tree sway". The game's puddles, meanwhile, remain woefully last-gen.