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4K Screenshot Showcase: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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Every week, keen screen-grabber Ben Griffin brings you a sumptuous 4K resolution gallery to celebrate PC gaming's prettiest places.

The Witcher 2 was a watershed moment for videogame visuals when it launched in May 2011. From the river port of Flotsam set deep in a misty forest, the bleached bricks of the towering La Valette Castle, the sprawling Kaedweni camp and the lush green wilds beyond, it buckled all but the best rigs. In anticipation of the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which comes out early next year, enjoy these 4K screenshots of its picturesque predecessor.

Witcher 3 design documents leaked, revealing quests, monsters and ending spoilers

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NB: while the leaked files do contain spoilers, this article will not.

The Witcher 3's release was recently pushed back into early next year, drastically reducing 2014's tally of mammoth RPGs. Perhaps it's that unbearable delay that has led to this: the leaking of design documents covering many aspects of the game. The files were taken from a CD Projekt Red employee's hacked Google Drive account, and now various details are being shared among sites such as Reddit.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt unleashes new screens for E3

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CD Projekt released a pile of new screens from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt today, serving up some very fine-looking action and cinematic stills taken from the game. The conclusion of Geralt's trilogy comes at a dark time for the Northern Kingdoms, as they struggle to fend off the Nilfgaardian invasion while the Wild Hunt rampages across the land. The studio claims The Witcher 3 will be even bigger than Bethesda's sprawling, open-world Skyrim, and going by these screens it'll be prettier, too.

The Witcher 3 footage shows the search for the ashen-haired woman

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CD Projekt's on-stage The Witcher 3 demo took us on a short griffon hunt. What you've probably already guessed is that there other parts of the game, too. Members of the development team have been running around the E3 show floor, playing some of these other bits at anyone they run into. Two such bits of footage have emerged that, when played back-to-back, show a partial segment of one of the game's quests.

The Witcher Adventure Game coming to PC, signups live for closed multiplayer beta

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn't the only big news to come out of CD Projekt Red's Summer Conference. The studio also announced that it's now accepting applications for a closed multiplayer beta test of The Witcher Adventure Game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt details - launch date, collector's edition, and spectacular new trailer

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CD Projekt's Summer Conference has revealed some exciting new details about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, including a release date, a massive collector's edition, and a very impressive gameplay trailer.

The Witcher 3 boxed copy's physical bonuses revealed

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The Witcher 3's extras were originally due to be revealed as part of a CD Projekt RED livestream starting later today. Unfortunately for all secrets everywhere, the internet is terrible at not leaking information. So now, if you're planning to go old-school with a physical boxed copy of the game, you can take a look at what you'll also be getting.

No more Witcher 3 delays coming, this one unrelated to Dragon Age: Inquisition release date

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It was originally scheduled for this fall, but we won't see Geralt stonily stare down his next monstrous foe in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt until next February. According to CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski, the extra development time is a commitment to quality, not a reaction to the October 7 release of BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Witcher 3 delayed, now due February 2015

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Geralt's traditionally stoic face may be slightly more scowly than usual today. CD Projekt have announced that they're delaying The Witcher 3 until early next year. Originally, the game was due out around the end this year. It's not the longest delay imaginable, then, but one that instantly makes this year feel both slightly less special and (from a free time perspective) slightly more manageable.

New Witcher 3 screenshots make our PCs quietly weep

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The Witcher 3 is looking great. I'm excited. We're all excited. But where's that muffled sobbing coming from? Is it Ben? No, it's my machine. It knows, like me, that The Witcher 3 will not look like these screenshots when I try and run it in December. Those moody swamp lands, rife with jaggies, will stumble out of the monitor at a rate of ten, perhaps 12 frames per second, spoiling what should be a sumptuous, low fantasy RPG.

For a graphics card, to look upon a Witcher 3 screenshot is to know the inevitability of your impending obsolescence. You might want to cover your rig with a sheet, then, before you click through to see the three new Witcher 3 screenshots.

Cyberpunk 2077 "will be a true RPG game," says CD Projekt RED

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While still just a hope and a whisper in the minds of genre fans, Cyberpunk 2077 is set to stay true to its RPG roots, according to a new interview with developer CD Projekt RED CEO Marcin Iwinski. He tells IGN the game's sci-fi setting takes its role-playing cues from the Polish studio's much-celebrated Witcher series.

The Witcher 3 trailer shows a world in which everything is on fire

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Despite being expectedly awful, the VGX awards did at least herald a new stampeded of gaming trailers and announcements. At the head of that pack was No Man's Sky, which charged through the wilderness on the back of a procedurally generated spaceship. Telltale confidently filled out the herd with two new additions to their family: Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands. But by far the prettiest beast on show was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The prettiest, and the most on fire.

The Witcher 2 almost didn't happen

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When most of us think of the Witcher series, we see an intelligent, original story that throws your moral beliefs into question. There’s still good and evil in The Witcher’s world, but they’re not painted in the traditional black and white we’ve seen before. Games would be worse off if The Witcher hadn’t grown to be the staple of video game storytelling that it has. The scary thing is, The Witcher almost died from the start.

CD Projekt RED CEO: The Witcher 3 will have no DRM, "zero, zip, nada"

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In many ways, CD Projekt RED is the little developer that could. After hitting it big with The Witcher, CD Projekt has continued to grow and produce games with greater and greater ambition. After six years and six million games sold in the Witcher franchise, the studio is hard at work on the Witcher 3 and the much-anticipated Cyperpunk 2077. As its gotten bigger and struck distribution deals on a larger and larger scale, though, some rumors have gotten around that the developers’ famous anti-DRM stance might be changing. According to the company CEO, those rumors are false.

Amazon publishes a release date for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Amazon frequently lists unofficial release dates that are eventually proven false. But those release dates are typically the last day of a given calendar year to show up as a placeholder. No publisher would actually release its biggest game of the year on Dec 31, 2014. But when the retailer giant lists an upcoming game in a tender spot at the beginning of the fall rush, then it's time to get a little inquisitive. As is the case with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. giving away The Witcher with any other purchase

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To celebrate the final week of's fifth anniversary, CD Projekt RED are giving away one of their own games. Buy anything on the distribution site between now and October 17th, and you'll get a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. That includes if you buy a copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, so you probably don't want to do that.

The Witcher 3 story writer reveals unseen areas: "at any point you can go to a different location"

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What we've seen of The Witcher 3 looks breathtaking, but it's also only a tiny part of the game. The trailers and screenshots coming out of CD Projekt RED have all been taken from the Skellige Islands, just one of the many and varied locations Geralt will be witching through. Talking to us at Gamescom, story writer Jakub Szamalek revealed some of the massive RPG's other regions, as well as the stories to be found in them.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trailer shows carefully choreographed combat

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Set aside your disappointment that the new Witcher 3 trailer doesn't show any game footage. While I'm usually pretty ambivalent towards CGI trailers, this one is... well, to be honest, it's unintentionally hilarious. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a comedy quick zoom into the near-demented face of an attacking guard.

CD Projekt RED opens up a new studio

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CD Projekt RED is taking over the world! Well—the world of Poland, anyway. Originally based in Warsaw, the The Witcher developer is now setting up another studio away from home in Krakow. The new studio will be working on in-development titles The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, meaning we'll hopefully get to find out what the deal is with that vaguely preying mantis-like cyborg-lady soon.

The Witcher 3 interview: A good quest isn't about "the sheer number of outcomes"

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Back at E3 I saw a 45-minute demonstration of The Witcher 3 (read my thoughts about it here), which established that this is an exceptionally large open world RPG whose grumpy protagonist travels by land and sea to seek out uncomfortable social situations and stab monsters. In the demo, Geralt did both of those things by playing the brooding stranger in a tragic play about a monster-hounded village and the consequences of taking sides in local politics (lots of murder, it turns out, which made things a bit awkward). "Who's the real monster here?" asks the game.