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BioShock Infinite, XCOM and more turn up in the Humble 2K Bundle

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2K Games has teamed up with the Humble Bundle folks to offer some outstanding games (and, yes, one or two rather average ones) on the serious cheap.

Turtle Rock Studios seeks Evolve alpha testers

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Turtle Rock Studios is very quietly seeking participants for an alpha test of its upcoming online shooter Evolve. There are some relatively tight restrictions on who will be let in but if you have a PC that can run the game and live in mainland North America, you might be one of the lucky ones.

Civilization: Beyond Earth release date announced, E3 game footage released

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Just when will humanity embrace its unknown future? Or re-embrace, I guess—what with Civilization: Beyond Earth being the spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri, and all. Firaxis' forward-looking Civ will take players to the stars this October 27th. To celebrate the new count-down, 2K have released footage from an E3 demo of the game.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trailer shows moon-based dancing, argyle guns

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The only thing potentially sillier than this Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trailer would be the expectation that it would be anything other than silly. As you watch, you'll hover on a knife's edge between thinking "this is brilliant," and "this is genuinely the worse thing that I've ever seen, and everybody involved should be arrested." Which way will you fall? There's only one way to find out...

Take-Two CEO points to a future for the BioShock series

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When Irrational Games closed earlier this year it appeared to mark the end of the BioShock series. While critically adored, 2013’s BioShock Infinite did not attract the astronomical sales figures video game publishers expect nowadays. But according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, a future for the series has not been ruled out. In fact, during an address at the Cowen and Company analyst conference last week, he explicitly stated that the future of the series lay in the hands of 2K Marin.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel gameplay video is 16 minutes of lunar lunacy

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Pandora is Borderland's primary globular playground, but why should one celestial body get all the fun? Spanning the time between the first and second games, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel sends us to the dusty crags and canyons of Pandora's moon, home of that giant H-shaped Hyperion mothership and the stage for Handsome Jack's rise to CEO overlord. We've seen it in action, and now you can as well with a lengthy playthrough tour video from co-developers 2K Australia and Gearbox.

Unreal Engine 4 showcase: Zelda, Deus Ex and Bioshock look great in Epic's new engine

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If Nintendo ever got around to licensing Unreal Engine 4, it might look something like this. That is to say, freaking amazing. One man has recreated the iconic Temple of Time from the N64's Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time inside Epic Games' new engine. A designer by the name of Michael Eurek spent six months working in Z-Brush, Maya and Photoshop for the video below. Just look at those stained glass windows.

It's just one of a number of UE4 fan projects that show off the potential of Epic's most recent engine—particularly the lush lighting effects and pretty particles. The really tantalising part is picturing how developers will utilise the engine's power, even if the first wave of releases aren't exactly pushing for realism.

BioShock Infinite's Columbia appears in the skies of Minecraft

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What if Elizabeth tore open a rift, but instead of yanking out a crate of guns or a Gatling-wielding automaton, she withdraws a square-shaped chunk of grass before chucking it at your face with a "Booker, catch!"? I'd sputter in confusion, but that probably also means BioShock Infinite's heroine found her way to the Minecraft-ed version of the floating city of Columbia. Constructed by architect group TheVoxelBox of the Planet Minecraft fansite, the city boasts superb detail and personality worthy of the game's best custom creations.

Civilization: Beyond Earth interview - everything you need to know about the new factions, aliens, technology and more

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Civilization: Beyond Earth has been announced. We're the first in the world outside of Firaxis to play it, and you'll be able to read my hands-on impressions in the next issue of PC Gamer UK. While I was at Firaxis, I had the chance to sit down with the two lead designers, Will Miller and David McDonough for a comprehensive hour-long chat about every aspect of Beyond Earth. Read on for details on Beyond Earth's affinities, its dramatic sci-fi tech research web, orbital gun platforms, alien Siege Worms, new high-concept win conditions and loads, loads more.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel takes the loot 'n' shoot series into space

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It's due out this fall, and as the name suggests it plugs the gap between the previous games. And it's (at least partly) set on Pandora's moon. And you can play as Claptrap. Who wears a beret.

Hear three BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea original songs from Irrational Games

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Bioshock Infinite had some great original songs and arrangements. You can buy the original game’s soundtrack, but there’s some new music in the recently released Burial at Sea DLC that you couldn't easily listen to, until recently. Irrational Games posted three full, original songs from Burial at Sea to its official website, along with some commentary from the game’s Music Director, Jim Bonney.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea episode two review

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A lot happens in the opening moments of Burial at Sea: Episode 2. You'll meander through a Disneyfied version of Paris, one that's a garlic garland short of full stereotype; be threatened by Atlas back in the post-Episode 1 version of Rapture; and discuss pseudo-quantum science with an incorporeal Booker. As a concentrated dollop of Bioshock lore, it's alienating but also strangely liberating. Halfway through Infinite, we started to jump the infini-sharks, now the game is willing its players to give in and enjoy the view.

Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea: Episode 2 to offer a non-lethal challenge through 1998 mode

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Irrational may be "winding down", but they still have one final flourish before bowing out. Burial at Sea: Episode 2 is the final piece of Bioshock Infinite DLC, and will give players the chance to inhabit the tear-opening, coin-tossing Elizabeth.

As an example of how differently the game's new protagonist will play, Irrational have also announced a new mode for the game. 1998 mode, like BInfinite's 1999 mode before it, is a "classic" difficulty designed to recapture the spirit of late '90s challenge. Rather than 1999's System Shock 2, 1998 mode is referencing the original Thief: The Dark Project. It will require players to complete the episode through entirely non-lethal methods. It will also replace the entirety of the soundtrack with Will Smith's Just The Two of Us, and Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing.

Okay, so it won't really do that last thing.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 release date announced

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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 is an impressively long DLC name, to the point that it's almost a shame they didn't go all the way. Why not hark back to the heyday of ridiculously long PC expansions and call it Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2: Steampunk Boogaloo (This Time, It's Elizabeth)? I would happily step through into that alternate reality. Back in this one, though, Irrational have announced the release date for their second bit of BInfinite story DLC. Episode 2 will arrive on March 25th.

What we want from Borderlands 3

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Borderlands was one of the best games to come out of 2012, and you might recall that we'd picked it as an Editor's Choice at the time. But even the best games can be improved. The last we heard of a third Borderlands was Randy Pitchford's downer of a tweet back in October 2012, when he claimed that the series' third entry wasn't in development. Sixteen months is plenty of time to start developing a new game, however, and with that in mind, here's our list of what we'd like to see if Borderlands 3 shows its face soon.

Bioshock Infinite's Burial at Sea: Episode 2 trailer is intriguing, full of spoilers

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Don't worry, I'm going to be very careful to avoid spoilers in this opening paragraph, just to protect those that stumbled here accidentally after a drunken night of unrestrained hyperlink clicking. I've even gone so far as to choose the least spoilerful frame of this new trailer for the above image. Even so, spoiler: Bioshock Infinite's second story DLC will contain a gun. Sorry, I know you'd have preferred to discover that for yourself.

Turtle Rock announces sci-fi multiplayer shooter Evolve

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For me, Turtle Rock Studios’ Left 4 Dead is about as close as you can get to a perfect game. Simple in concept, infinitely replayable, easy to learn, and impossible to master. I’m not sure how you top it, but I can’t wait to see Turtle Rock try with Evolve, its upcoming sci-fi shooter that pits a team of four hunters against one gigantic, overpowered, player-controlled monster.

Event of the year: Bioshock Infinite

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Welcome to the PC Gamer Game of the Year Awards 2013. For an explanation of how the awards were decided, a round-up of all the awards and the list of judges, check here.

Sometimes great games are released to the silent enjoyment of millions, others are lightning rods for discussion. They're talked about, turned over and examined for months, even years after release. Love it or hate it, Bioshock Infinite is one of those games, a shooter with too many ideas for its own good. Confusing, spectacular, controversial, its scope and absurdity ensure that it will linger in the popular imagination longer than its competitors. What better candidate for our Event of the Year award.

BioShock Infinite DLC trailer leaves you with a Big Daddy and a bunch of questions

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With BioShock Infinite it only makes sense to have more questions than answers. Thankfully the launch trailer for the shooter's new DLC—Burial at Sea, Episode One—fills that role nicely. We see the expected, and very stylish, film noir vibe dialed up to 11, but there's also a sense of dread lurking under the surface.

XCOM: Enemy Within's interactive trailer teases mechs and EXALT operatives

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While multi-format publications froth expectantly at the coming release of a plastic box, we might as well laze back and enjoy a bit of strategy news. XCOM: Enemy Within is either out or incoming, depending on your geographical status, but if you're waiting - or just haven't bought the turn-based expansion - an interactive trailer takes you through some of the new features and mission types.