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    Killing Floor

    ☜Jabberwock☞'s recent activity on Killing Floor
    Graph shows the number of hours this user has played the game.

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    ☜Jabberwock☞'s Achievements

    The rarest and most common achievements collected by ☜Jabberwock☞

    Killing Floor


    Kill the "Ring Leader"(Circus Patriarch)
    Achieved by 26% of PC Gamer users

    Killing Floor

    Sparing with a Master

    Kill a Circus Gorefast with a Melee weapon.
    Achieved by 21% of PC Gamer users

    Killing Floor

    Assistant Homicide

    Kill 2 Circus Stalkers with a Melee weapon to the back in one wave.
    Achieved by 6% of PC Gamer users

    Killing Floor

    Seeing Double

    Kill 5 Circus Crawlers with a Bullpup in one wave.
    Achieved by 17% of PC Gamer users

    Killing Floor

    Clearing Clown Alley

    Kill 5 Circus Bloats in one game.
    Achieved by 25% of PC Gamer users

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