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    Top Games

    Regularly updated list of the top games based on PC Gamer community activity
    Calculated daily, based on hours played and ownership among the PC Gamer community

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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Total hours played: 4037h 15m

    Owned by: 4816 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: ACHIEVEMENT_62

    Top Player: TheGerman5112


    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Total hours played: 3838h 0m

    Owned by: 2726 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: King of the Kill

    Top Player: Cronos


    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Total hours played: 3298h 50.4m

    Owned by: 3366 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: Dragonrider

    Top Player: Velhemence


    Garry's Mod

    Total hours played: 2799h 55.2m

    Owned by: 3025 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: 1000 Thumbs

    Top Player: El Keru


    Call of Duty: Ghosts - Multiplayer

    Total hours played: 2587h 58.2m

    Owned by: 260 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: Completionist

    Top Player: JuAN


    Total War: ROME II

    Total hours played: 2170h 10.2m

    Owned by: 757 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: God of War!

    Top Player: Winchester


    Batman: Arkham City GOTY

    Total hours played: 2147h 2.4m

    Owned by: 2725 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: Robin Revenge

    Top Player: Melissa


    PAYDAY 2

    Total hours played: 1835h 24m

    Owned by: 1158 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: Most Wanted

    Top Player: Rhyzak


    Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition

    Total hours played: 1721h 33m

    Owned by: 2603 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: Freeflow Gold

    Top Player: Soüp


    Borderlands 2

    Total hours played: 1707h 40.8m

    Owned by: 2915 PC Gamers

    Rarest Achievement: Challenge Accepted

    Top Player: MrKrisSatan

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