Free Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack DLC – Out today

mass effect 3 resurgence pack dlc

For those of you still sore from the ending of Mass Effect 3 , please find some solace in today's ridiculously-free Resurgence Pack DLC, chock full of new characters, maps, and unlockable items to enhance your experience with the surprisingly amazing multiplayer. See exactly what you're getting in the Resurgence DLC below.


  • Firebase Hydra - A massive Quarian dam on an abandoned Quarian colony.
  • Firebase Condor - A Turian warzone outpost located on one of Palaven's moons.


  • Asari Justicar Adept
  • Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard
  • Geth Infiltrator
  • Geth Engineer
  • Batarian Soldier
  • Batarian Sentinel


  • Striker Assault Rifle – Krogan rifle with explosive rounds.
  • Kishock Harpoon Gun – Deadly one-shot batarian weapon. Causes bleed-out or disruption
  • Geth Plasma SMG – Fully-automatic geth submachine gun.

If you're like us and have finished the game and all but exhausted everything in ME3's multiplayer, this is simply splendid news. Again, it won't cost you one farthing, so head on over to Origin and download that mess post haste.

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