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    Old 06-03-2011, 10:17 AM
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    Default 2nd june raid report

    on raid:
    Goffik, Horngrimm, Wyrmy, dudutroll, Barkinator, Hubi, Bimble, Jecaa, Isilindal, Leegund.

    Asked to step out:
    Dreigaui, Coot (who went off and killed stuff with awesome)

    A good raid for us - 1-shot on halfus and V/T (which is a first for us). The new way of doing it seems to suit everyone much better. I dont tknow why we havent been doing it for months.
    Ascendant council took us a couple of goes to warm up, but out first look at phase 3 was all we eneded to finish it off - nice work everyone.

    We had about 40 minuts on cho'gall - got used to the first phase and started to tweak things slightly. It's not a fight like al'akir where there is much to learn, or a pretty dance you have to do - I think it'll come down to very fast reactions for the MC and quick dps switching at the right times.
    Any opininos on the fight welcome

    Main: goffik
    Offspec: Leegund, goffik, Barks, Isil, Horngrimm

    plan ofr sunday is a bit flexible - might be back to cho'gall, might be off to alakir or BWD - depends on sign-ups both for sunday and for tuesday
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