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    Today there was a media briefing about PSO2 on Japan, probably later today new info that was mentioned during the briefing will be translated, but for now, here's several new screenshots:

    And a new trailer:

    Youtube link:
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    New info about PSO2:
    Good Morning, Phantasy Star Online 2 Official Site updated today. News of the briefing is covered below from both Famitsu and 4gamer.

    You, the player, are a member of the planet investigation team called the “Arks.” They travel aboard the space fleet “Oracle” to planets unknown. The first planet you visit is called ナベリウス Navelius (sp?). In the forest area, your first job is to defeat the beasts that roam the land who became brutal.

    So far the weapon types revealed are Sword (Hunters) Wired Lance (Hunters), Assault Rifle (Rangers) and Gun Slash (All Classes). The Wired Lance acts kind of like a whip but allows it to latch onto enemies and spin them around (like the new AXE PA in PSP2). The Gun Slash acts the way it did in PSZero.

    Not only can you play with the GAME PAD, but you can also play with Mouse and Keyboard!

    When 4gamer played the game using the gamepad, they had their buttons set for these actions;

    Using Gamepad Buttons
    Normal Attack
    Selection/Item Pickup,

    Using L buttons
    Lock On/Off
    Sub Palette Access (L1)

    Left Stick
    Character Movement
    Auto Run (When Pressed in)

    Right Stick
    Camera Movement
    POV Change (When Pressed in)

    Arrow Key
    Change Action Palette (Up / Down)
    Sub Action Palette Target Change(Left/Right)
    Random field
    Randomly generated fields occur every time you step foot. From the enemies that appear, to the typography of the terrain, to even the events that occur within the mission. You can enjoy fresh gameplay each time.

    Interrupt Events
    Surprising events can occur during a run. Situations like, “Kill a number of a certain enemy, or save an ally from the enemy’s trap.”

    Multiparty Areas
    PSO2 introduces Multi Party areas, allowing multiple parties at the same time. You can have up to 12 players in one area.

    This allows you to jump into the air and attack enemies from above. You can also jump over various terrain, utilize it for strategic attacks like sniping enemies from above.

    TPS Style
    You can use third person shooting to snipe at enemies. In this style, the camera will shift behind you so you can aim precisely at, for example, enemies dropping eggs, or aiming for a head shot.

    Levels and Skills
    The general concept of character levels do not exist in PSO2.* Instead PSO2 will use your class level. When you increase your class level, you can learn skills to enable further character growth.

    (Update: We’ve checked three sources all saying the same thing, character levels don’t exist. キャラクターレベルの概念はなく,クラスと呼ばれる職業のレベルのみとなる。クラスレベルを上げるとスキル を習得可能で,キャラクターを成長させていけるわけだ。)

    Players can further enhance their character by selecting skills. We see skill paths like:

    Guard > Just Guard > Just Guard Master > Just Guard Stun.
    Step > Step Attack > Step Advance.
    4gamer stated that after they learned the Guard skill, they were able to utilize it by pressing SHIFT.

    The larger enemies are ferocious, they could even grab a hold of you and throw you. As for the dragon, once it has collapsed, for the first time you are able to jump onto its back and attack its weak point directly!

    Weapon Types
    The gun slash allows you to shoot and attack enemies. You can switch over your action by pressing the SHIFT key. This weapon allows you the ability of comboing melee attacks with ranged attacks and finishing it off with a special PA attack (Right mouse button). The range for this weapon is short, and is unreliable against 1 vs many enemies at the same time. It’s attack speed is fast and the gun’s firepower is not as powerful as the Assault Rifle.

    The Wired Lance, it has a wide attack range but it has slow attack speed. You wave this weapon to attack about 5 steps ahead of you. You can also grab onto enemies with this weapon and spin them around in a circle. By the way, if you learn a certain skill, you can press SHIFT to defend.

    Recovery Items
    According to 4gamer in their playthrough of the game, when they used a recover item, they had to stand still for a brief moment. This might be a concern for you if you are surrounded by powerful enemies. It might be a better opportunity to be healed by a force instead of using a mate.

    Character Creation
    At the character creation screen, you can choose one of 3 races, Human, Newman, or Cast. In the next screen you choose your class, Hunter, Ranger, or Force. Character creation is robust allowing you to customize various parts of the body freely. Now you have infinite freedom to create the character you want!

    We saw sliders for eyes, ear length and direction, nose and mouth, bust size, arm size and length, leg size and length. We also saw the ability to use hairstyles, beards, tattoos, and even stamps to place on your outer armor.

    When they demonstrated character creation they went through several different looks from an old boy, to an old man, to a black muscular then fat guy. According to 4gamer’s observation, you can add up to 3 accessories, and choose among 17 different voices.

    With the Cast parts, you can customize different parts of the body, like the head, arm, legs, body, and the parts size. In addition you can color main body of the armor with several different sub colors.

    The whole media briefing was uploaded into youtube:
    Part 1 - Intro and trailer (starts at 5:15):

    Part 2 - Races and classes, gameplay, party size and world:

    Part 3 - New features:

    Part 4 - Character creation:

    Part 5 - More character creation:

    Part 6 - Ending of the briefing:
    And to finish this post, the screenshots that were shown before but at an higher resolution:

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    New info:
    Courtesy of Shougai PSO, here is a synopsis of the latest PSO2 information as published in the July 27 issue of Famitsu Connect!On and the July 28 issue of Famitsu.

    Game server specs
    * There will be several servers, each known as a "world."
    * Each world is independent of the others.
    * Different worlds cannot interact with each other.
    * Essentially worlds are as they were in PSU. (EK note: Though they are now known as "entrances," originally they were called "worlds.")
    * When you start the game, you can choose the world you want to belong to.
    * You can create characters on multiple worlds.
    * They are considering the ability to move a character from one world to another as a future possibility.
    * If you want to play with your friends, make sure you all decide on a world to start on!

    * There are three races, however...
    * Sakai says, "this is an online game, after all, so we could always decide to increase that number."

    Skill tree
    * This system is used to learn class skills.
    * EXP earned goes toward increasing your class level.
    * You accumulate points by leveling up.
    * By using these points, you can learn class skills.
    * Class skills can only be used on the class you learned them with.
    * For example, a skill learned as a Hunter cannot be used by a Force.
    * Even if you max your class level, you cannot learn all skills.
    * You will have a limited number of points to put toward skills, so individual skill combinations will vary.
    * The ability to redo learned skills is under consideration.

    Wired lances
    * This weapon cannot be used to throw larger enemies.

    * You can link three techniques to a rod.
    * Only linked techniques can be charged (for stronger attacks).
    * A technique's power, range and effect change when charged.
    * PP cost does not change for charged techniques.

    Learning photon arts and techniques
    * Disks are used to learn photon arts and techniques.
    * Disks have certain learning requirements.
    * Requirements are stat-related, for example, one may require 50+ TP.
    * Unlike PSU, there will not be a limit on the number of PAs or techs you can learn.
    * It is undecided if you will be able to return a learned PA or tech to its disk form.
    * The ability to transfer disks to other players (such as through disk restoration) is under consideration.
    * Disks will appear with the level they teach displayed. For example, "Razonde (LV3)."
    * High-level disks will of course be very powerful.
    * High-level disks can be obtained as enemy drops.
    * Low-level disks will include tutorials.
    * Low-level disks can be bought at shops.

    * You can perform common and just attacks while jumping.
    * It is unknown how photon arts will work while jumping.
    * Techniques and original combos will change while jumping.
    * Range changes will occur while jumping, for example with original combos.
    * You can jump on the backs of enemies.
    * Most enemies have a weak spot on their back.
    * There are some enemies that, if not knocked down, you will not be able to jump on their backs.
    * On the other hand, there are other enemies that, even if not knocked down, you can still jump on their backs.

    Original combos
    * You can set different photon arts to the three parts of a combo.
    * Combined PAs will let you pull of three-part combos. For example, Tornado Break to Spinning Break to Gravity Break. Also, you can perform normal attacks between all of those.

    Interrupt events
    * Event occurrence locations are not set in stone.
    * There are some rare events which can occur.
    * Due to the wide range of enemy levels you will encounter, expect drastic changes between difficulty levels.
    * Even if you fail an event by not meeting all of its conditions, you will not suffer a penalty.
    * You will receive items and so forth for successfully completing an event.

    Incapacitation penalties
    * If you are incapacitated, your individual grade will fall.
    * Results are on a character-by-character basis.
    * For example, if Mr. A dies, Mr. B's grade will not be affected.
    * In short, you don't have to worry about being blamed for giving your party a bad grade!

    PSE and PSE burst
    * There is a new component known as "photon sensitive effect."
    * There is a fixed probability of PSE occurring while you continuously defeat enemies.
    * Attack power, drop rates and Meseta drop quantities are all boosted for a fixed period when PSE occurs.
    * If you acquire an "evolved drop" (details unknown) from killing an enemy, you get even more boosted attack power, drop rates and Meseta payout.
    * If consecutive PSEs occur, you can perform a "PSE burst."
    * Bonuses from a PSE burst last for one minute and include even higher drop rates and highly increased number of enemies that appear.
    * You can extend the PSE burst's duration by killing more and more enemies.

    Multi-party areas
    * Certain areas allow for up to 12 people to play together simultaneously.
    * However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you are limited to three parties of four people each.
    * For example, 12 individual solo players can all gather in these areas.
    * It is possible to reorganize your party in a multi-party area.
    * For example, if you have three parties of four people each, players from each party can transfer from one party to another.
    * At first you can have the following parties: A1 A2 A3 A4 / B1 B2 B3 B4 / C1 C2 C3 C4
    * But you can swap players around like so: B1 C2 A3 B4 / C1 A2 B3 C4 / A1 B2 C3 A4
    * In multi-party areas, support techniques will only affect your party.
    * There are some techniques that have cross-party effects, however.

    Drop items
    * Drop items are decided on a character-by-character basis.
    * Each character can get different drops.
    * Item drops are based on real luck.
    * The system is similar to that of PSZ and PSP2i.

    * Units exist in this game.
    * They can be equipped to your arms, back and legs.
    * Units can be additional costume parts for your character.
    * When equipped, units can change certain visuals of your costume.
    * Units can boost abilities such as defense and attribute rates.

    * Mags exist in PSO2 as living, evolved protectors.
    * Details on them are scarce at the moment.
    * Unfortunately, they will not appear in the alpha test.

    * Whether or not you receive EXP is determined by your range to an enemy.
    * If you are within the enemy's range, you will receive EXP.
    * If you are out of an enemy's range, you will not receive EXP.
    * This may be a counter-measure for multi-party leveling.

    Visual lobbies
    * Event billboards will be in the lobbies.
    * There will also be a large screen theater.
    * Motion pictures of some sort can be played on the theater screen.
    * This feature will be active during the alpha test.

    Your room
    * A feature similar to PSU's room will be in PSO2, but details are unknown.

    Reincarnation system
    * A system of this sort does not exist. No comment was made as to if it would be added later.
    * Note: The Reincarnation System is a game feature from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. After reaching the maximum level, you could reincarnate your character at level 1 and start with higher base stats.
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    Today there's new info about the Units in PSO2, plus there's now a Phantasy Star Online 2 official Facebook page:
    Good Morning, today a new email newsletter was released showing some new images. But first, Sega now has an official Facebook Fan Page for [URL=http://www.facebook.com/sega.pso2?sk=wall]Phantasy Star Online 2[/URL].

    A quote from the PSO2 Facebook page regarding questions made in english:
    Thank you for visiting our facebook page.
    We do love all world of PHANTASY STAR fans!

    We will try to reply back to all messages in English but may not always be able to fully understand or reply fluently. So we apologize in advance.

    But we hope that you will keep checking our page and writing messages for us!
    The official site will show more new images and info on August 1st. So be sure to check it out!

    Oh My! There’s something sticking out behind this character? Could it be? Mags? Nope, this is called a unit. This time certain units change the visual appearance of the character. You can also use Mags too, so Mags and Units can make your character have such a unique look! Did you know that the units are attached to the arm, back, and leg. They can increase your defense and attribute rate.

    Why not attach them to your RAcaseal


    Oh! Here it is from behind.

    Did you know this is Bonkohara’s favorite unit? Here’s a HUnewearl wearing a unit with such a sharp design, it almost seems like a weapon.


    Oh! Here you can attach it to this “Nurse” character.
    Yes you can make such a character.

    In addition, there are high rank and low rank units. The major difference between them is that low rank units have no graphics. So use the high rank ones to accent your look.


    The gang’s all here!
    HUnewm, FOnewm, FOnewearl, FOcaseal and FOCast!
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    I played the first PSO a lot, but... the sequel looks like more of the same, which would be fine if I haven't had better. My preferred skill-based action rpg is Vindictus.
    Dungeon Keeper. "Peter Molyneux' greatest dark fantasy/humor."
    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. "This 2004 FPS-RPG has voice-acting, world, and replayability that stands up to or outright beats modern AAA classics like Bioshock, Mass Effect, and New Vegas."
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    More info, this time about races, classes, keyboard controls, concept art and more:
    Keyboard Controls:

    Online Gamer JP wrote, "W" "A" "S" "D" keys were used to move around, "Spacebar" allowed them to jump, "E" lets them converse with NPCs, and "C" lets you chat. The mouse manipulates the camera.
    New Screenshots:

    There's a bunch of new screenshots in the PSO2 website, including screenshots related to the PSE Burst system:
    Concept Art:



    Alpha Test Placeholders:

    So did you ever wonder about the discreprancy between the character artwork and the in game models? Well Bonkohara shined some light on that subject through a mistake of her own.

    FOnewearl Concept > FOnewearl Alpha Test:

    When Bonkohara posted the pic of the FOnewearl, she originally wrote, “Unfortunately this character won’t be available in the alpha test version but she will appear in future versions.” But later she had to correct her statement with, “Sorry for the misunderstanding, it’s not the “character”, it’s the “costume” that won’t be available in the alpha test version. You can make a female newman force in the alpha test.

    Of major note, the FOcast concept artwork and alpha test design is considerably different.

    Humans are balanced towards physical strength and photon, they can adapt to every class.


    Newmans are skilled in handling the photon. To compensate for their physical weakness, their photon sensitivity is high, unrivaled by the other races.


    Casts are the machine race, but since their bodies are artificial, their handling of the photon is weak, to compensate for this, they have an exquisitely firm body.


    Hunters are mainly for close combat. With high defense and HP, their soloing ability is high. Their weapon types include Sword and Wired Lance.


    Rangers make full use of gun type weapons. This class attacks mid-range. Their shooting ability is at an all time high, and they can even aim precisely at enemies. Their weapon types include the Assault Rifle.


    Forces make full use of the photon to fight. This class is great to use for long distance combat. And by utilizing photon, they excel at using technics. Their weapon types include Rods.

    Interrupt Events:

    During a quest, a sudden interrupt event might appear. In the earlier parts of the game, you will receive easy events like, “defeat a specific number of a certain enemy” and the like. But later on you’ll receive missions like, “Protect a fallen aircraft from the enemy’s attack until repairs are completed.” Or “Rescue a person who was captured”*

    Players should be prepared for these occurrences because you won’t know where an interrupt event occurs within the quest. And, even during this, the difficulty may suddenly change.
    Multi Party Area:

    In Phantasy Star Online 2, the maximum amount of players in a party is 4. However, there are areas where multiple parties can exist at the same time of up to 12 players. This area is called a “Multi Party Area”, and there’s what’s known as the “Multi Party Quest.”
    Random Field System:

    Phantasy Star Online 2 introduces a random field system in which the field changes each time. In PSO and PSU, there were some elements of randomness, but mainly it was a combination of patterns. PSO2 surpasses the conventional system of randomness, other than some of the geographical features at the goal of the quest, everything else is completely random. This also includes the enemy positioning and the location of events. So each time you enter, you can enjoy the adventure in a different field.
    Jump Action:

    The style of battle has expended to new possibilities by introducing the Jump Action. Jump now joins the multitude of actions introduced since Phantasy Star Zero, and Phantasy Star Portable 2; including guarding, and dodge rolling! Hunters can now attack enemies in the air, and rangers can ascend to new heights and aim too. When forces jump, some of their technics’ effective range is expanded.
    Original Combo:

    Fight in the style you prefer with Original Combo! You can register your weapons to the action palette. Then setup your Original Combo of photon arts and technics to your special attack button. You can even mix in your normal attacks with your original combo, creating your own personal attack style. In addition, PSO2 reintroduces the sub palette system where you can register items, skills, and technics to the number keys.
    Third Person Shooting:

    Making Rangers and Forces even more interesting, TPS Style (Third Person Shooting), places an over the shoulder-like camera style. This gives you the ability to aim your gun and technics to a precise target. You can aim for enemy spawns as they fall from the sky, or even aim at specific weak point.
    Character Creation:

    In Character Creation you can select from 10 preset characters or morph your creation using the 4 points on the screen. Your hair color and skin color are modifiable too. You can even modify the more finer details too. Not only can you change the whole body, but you can also modify parts like the length and thickness of the hands and feet.
    Costumes and Units:

    Though the costumes are a one part suit, you can change your shape greatly by attaching various units to the arm, back, and legs. Low ranking units do not change your appearance, but eventually when you acquire high ranking units, you’ll see a distinct change.
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    The phase 1 of the alpha test is now over, here are the reports from both players and the assistant producer.

    Original alpha test schedule:
    On the official Facebook page, Bonkohara announced the dates of the PSO2 Alpha Test.

    Alpha Test Start Dates
    August 18th, 16:00 ~ 23:00 [Test 1]
    August 19th, 18:00 ~ 23:00 [Test 1]
    August 23rd, 16:00 ~ 23:00 [Test 2]
    August 26th, 16:00 ~ August 27th 23:00 [Test 3]
    Please note the schedule above may change.

    The alpha test is separated into 3 phases. In Test 2 and Test 3, more participants will be added towards the alpha test.
    On a side note, It’s just a bit more to the alpha test. Bonkohara would like to welcome you all, in fact the ______ also opens very soon! (Ya she censored it)

    Alpha test agenda:
    First Test (Inspection Items)
    - Inspect for bugs that occur in specific situations, with many people logging in, and general gameplay.
    - Inspect for bugs occurring within the lobby, forest, and the general gameplay system.
    * When there’s no problems in the first test, switch over to the second test.
    * More participants are added.
    * Fix bugs that occured in the first test...
    Second Test (Inspection Items)
    - More people are added, (Continue) inspecting the same items from the first test.
    - Inspect bugs that were corrected.
    * When the second test continues to have no problems, switch over to the third test.
    * More participants are added.
    * Perform an Update inspection.
    * Correct bugs that occurred from the second test.
    Third Test (Inspection Entries)
    - Inspect an update with (new) field “Volcano Caverns”
    - Inspect the logins of even more people.
    - Inspect for bugs occurring within the lobby, forest, volcano, and the general gameplay system.
    - Inspect bugs that were fixed, and inspect the continuous operation of the server.
    PSO2 Keyboard Control Scheme:
    Keyboard Scheme (Game)
    Character Movement: (W S A D)
    Jump: (Space)
    Auxiliary Action: (Shift)
    Sub Palette: (1 ~ 10)
    Hold Lock On/Off (Q)
    Hold Lock On Switching (Tab)
    Pick up Item/ Conversation (E)
    POV Change (Z)
    Auto Run (Lock On Target) (V)
    Palette Selection (R) / (F)
    Palette Quick change (Numkey 1 ~ 6)

    Keyboard Scheme (Window)
    Main Menu (F1)
    Menu Shortcut (F2 ~ F12)
    Inventory (Item, Weapon PA Viewing) (I)
    Keyboard Help (H)
    Cancel (Esc)

    Keyboard Chat
    Chatting: (C)
    Scroll Log Window (Page Up/ Page Down)
    Log Channel Tab Change (Ctrl+Left Arrow or Right Arrow)
    Shortcut Text (Ctrl + F1 ~ F10)

    Keyboard Other
    Event (Screen?) (X)
    Map (M)
    Camera Zoom in and Zoom out (+) (-)
    Mouse Mode/Camera Mode Switch (T)
    Game Pad Control Scheme
    Gamepad Scheme
    Character Movement (Left Stick)
    Auto Run / Following (Left Stick Pushed In)
    Action Palette Switch: (D Pad Up / Down)
    Sub Action Palette Target Switch: (D Pad Left / Right)
    Camera Rotation: (Right Stick)
    Camera POV: (Right Stick Pushed in)

    Normal Attack (Button 1)
    PA / Technic (Button 2)
    Jump / Cancel (Button 3)
    Selection / Item Pick up / Conversation (Button 4)

    Trigger Buttons
    Lock on / Lock off (Target) (L1)
    Sub Palette (L2)
    Auxiliary Action (R1)
    Step Movement (Strafing?) (R2)

    Text Over Character (Select)
    Main Menu (Start)
    Mouse Management
    Mouse Usage
    Normal Attack (During Camera Mode) : (Left Click)
    Selection (During Mouse Mode): (Left Click)
    PA, Technic (During Camera Mode): (Right Click)
    Cancel (During Mouse Mode): (Right Click)
    Camera Movement (Camera Mode): (Mouse Movement)
    Mouse Cursor Operation (Mouse Mode): (Mouse Movement)

    Info from the client and the alpha players website:
    Getting ready for the alpha test, the Phantasy Star Online 2 Players Site is now open. We are seeing tweets about a downloadable client. In addition Sega has launched the official Twitter page. You can add @sega_pso2 to twitter for the latest news!

    The following information is based on users relaying information on what they see within the site. Information is collected from 2ch, twitter, and Japanese blogs and comments.

    Alpha Test User Info
    - nProtect Gameguard is utilized in the Alpha test version of Phantasy Star Online 2.
    - “It is forbidden to disclose information to any outside websites, forums, video sites, twitter, etc.“
    - Mags, My room, and the Item Trade Functions are not available in the Alpha Test.
    - PSU Lobby Actions are temporary, they have plans to implement new lobby actions in the future.
    - Auto Word and a new Chat Feature is coming in the future.
    - Manga Iconography (ex. Sweat Drop) can be placed below text balloons.
    Alpha Test Restrictions
    - Class Level up to Level 20. Alpha test gives access to some skills.
    - Only 5 weapon categories with access to some PAs and some Technics.
    - Can’t change your class while in the Alpha Test (After you’ve chosen initial class or While you are in a field?)
    - Can’t change your Costume, or form while in the alpha test (After you’ve made the character or While you are in a field?)
    - Interrupt Event, only some patterns and variations are available.
    - There will be a minimum amount of explanation regarding the general setting of PSO2 in the alpha test. As for the story elements, this won’t be featured in the alpha test. In the future,they have plans to have a full fledged story.
    Available Features
    - Three Races, Three Classes to choose from.
    - Multiparty System, Random Field, Photon Sensitive Effect.
    - Forest field and later the Volcano Caverns Field
    - Quest Counter, Skill Counter, Item Shop, Weapon Shop.
    - Friend, Black List
    Alpha Test Save Data
    - After the Alpha Test is over, save data is reset and is not transferred to future tests.
    Recommended Gamepads
    - Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
    - ELECOM USBtoPS/PS2 Gamepad Converter
    - BUFFALO USB Gamepad 16 Button
    - Logicool PC GameController GPX-500
    - Rumble Gamepad F310
    - Rumble Gamepad F510
    - Wireless Gamepad F710
    - EXA PSU AOTI Official Gamepad
    Class Specific Evasion Actions
    So far it was discovered through screenshots that there are class specific evasive actions. In previous screenshots it was revealed Hunters have “Step”, in today’s screenshot it was revealed Forces have “Mirage Escape” and later on a screencast revealed that rangers do indeed have a ability called “Dive Roll.”
    FOmarl and FOnewm concept art


    Day 1 reports:
    - Over 1600 people were connected to the alpha test.
    - The Flow of starting a mission, the main lobby > quest area > camp ship > mission.
    - Healing items look like canisters on the field. Monomates, Star Atomizer, Photon Crystal, Photon Drop were spotted.
    - Each weapon type has their own specific icon when they are on the ground. Rods have a rod icon, gunslash has it’s own gunslash icon, etc
    - Shift is the auxilliary action but it performs different things on different weapons. For example, when you have a Sword and have the Guard skill you press SHIFT to guard. When you have a Gunslash you press SHIFT to change from attacking to shooting. However the original combo (right mouse button) already has its own agenda.
    - You can lock weapons so you don’t discard them.
    - Music is very light and airy and BGM transitions from calm to battle. Music transition is very quick.
    - You can use technics within your physical attack combos. (Normal atk > Normal Atk 2 > Foie)
    - PA Discs look like CDs when on the ground.
    - You can attack without weapons.
    - When enemies have status effects, their colors change, “Poison” Status effect changes their color to purple.
    - Healing pads look similar to the way they did in PSO.
    - NPC “Dynal” in missions drop boxes with healing pads from his aircraft. Player described this event as very FPS like
    - Alpha test has 4 character slots but there’s a space for a fifth one but it looks disabled.
    - You can continuously use “Step” or “Jump” without any cool down (I’m sure they’ll probably change this aspect later on)
    - Interrupt Event: An NPC named Prigita, tasked the player with defeating the hovering enemy, Vriahda (Briahda).
    - Transitioning to different blocks actually look like heading off to a new area instead of just warping.
    - Sub Classes were removed from the Skill Tree.
    - You can cut trees down with your sword, we even saw the blades of grass get cut.
    - Forces can teleport or warp to evade attacks.
    - A player reported during evasion (Mirage Escape) as a Force he was completely invincible.

    The official Sega Twitter page announced it will break its previous schedule and add more people to the Day 2 alpha test.
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    Day 2 reports:
    Bonko didn’t really sound so happy about the Day 2 test. There was a high load on the server which caused considerable lag. Because of this they are not considering adding new participants to the phase 2 test at this time. This only leaves those who were not selected to wait until the phase 3 test to participate.

    In a tweet, Bonkohara reported the number of simultaneous connections to PSO2 has crossed over 2,200.

    Player reports:
    Ranger Gameplay
    - Rangers utilize Assault Rifle to fire rapid fire shots. They also have something like a burst shot for their PA button.
    - Assault Rifle also has a heavy burst like shot, it has a blast similar to a grenade explosion. In the same video the “Grenade Shell” PA was spotted in the log. Most likely that is the name of the PA.
    Multiparty Area
    - In a ranger video, at the end the player reaches to the next block that says “Multi Party Area” (As the official site shows, there’s a Multiparty area and a Multiparty Quest. So we wonder how multi party areas sync up.)
    Item Menu
    - 倉庫へ送る (Send to Storage) You can send items to storage while you are in the field.
    - Any weapon of any type can have elements attached. For example there were several swords, one had Dark 18 attached. A wired lance had 27 fire. A Rifle had 21 dark attached.
    - When a player dies they can choose to return to the start point. (In a demonstration they returned to Camp Ship)
    - Enemies will pursue you, if you run away and jump on a high ledge, they will also try to jump and reach you.
    - Burned Enemies turn orange.
    - Underneath the enemy’s name is the kanji for 弱点 weak point. Most enemies in the forest show the fire icon, but the icon is way off to the right.
    - When your character’s HP is low, your screen turns red and an audible warning is heard.
    - When you target another player you can see their Actual HP / Max HP
    Settings Screen
    - Language Settings Spotted. Right now currently selected as Nihongo (Japanese):

    Controller Support
    - A play tester linked from 2ch said the game worked very well with the Xbox 360 controller (for windows). Though for other controllers button placement wasn’t very intuitive.
    Information about english release
    Earlier this morning Bonkohara, the assistant producer answered questions regarding if there is going to be a Global / English release of the game. Since her text was translated from Japanese to Engrish, we have rewritten the Q&A to a proper format.

    Q: IS PSO2 going to be released in every country?
    A: We would like to release the game all over the world but we have not decided on a schedule

    Q: Are you not making an English page?
    A: There are no plans right now for making an English page.

    Q: Why doesn’t the PSO2 Facebook page post English updates often?
    A: We would like to do it but the Staff is sometimes not good enough to fully understand English. We will try our best to post a status update in English.

    Some videos from the alpha can be found here:

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    Got the alpha client, was able to check out a few things related to graphics settings.

    There's not many individual settings, but there's 5 presets, which change several settings that are in the .ini configuration file. While the configuration file itself is encripted, in the settings there's an option to create a .txt log of the configuration file. Basically, it's possible to check what each of the presets does, but it's not possible to change each of the individual options in the configuration file.

    Anyway, here's the individual settings that can be changed in the launcher.
    - Screen: Window Mode or Fullscreen.
    - Texture Resolution: Low, Medium, High
    - Shader Quality: On, Off
    - Resolution: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x576, 1024x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x800, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1400x1050, 1600x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200
    And here's what each preset changes in the configuration ini file.
    Preset 1:

    - Texture Resolution: 0 (low)
    - Shader Quality: false

    - Quality: low
    - Player: false
    - Friend: false
    - NPC: false
    - Enemy: false
    - Object: true

    - Effect Draw Distance: 10
    - Simple Model Number: 12
    - Background Draw Distance: 10
    - Detail Model Number: 5

    - Reflection: false
    - Light Geography: false
    - Light Shaft: false
    - Light Effect: false
    - Bloom: false
    - Depth: false
    - Blur: false
    - AntiAliasing: true
    Preset 2:

    - Texture Resolution: 1 (medium)
    - Shader Quality: true

    - Quality: low
    - Player: true
    - Friend: true
    - NPC: false
    - Enemy: true
    - Object: true

    - Effect Draw Distance: 25
    - Simple Model Number: 18
    - Background Draw Distance: 25
    - Detail Model Number: 5

    - Reflection: true
    - Light Geography: false
    - Light Shaft: false
    - Light Effect: false
    - Bloom: false
    - Depth: false
    - Blur: false
    - AntiAliasing: true
    Preset 3:

    - Texture Resolution: 1 (medium)
    - Shader Quality: true

    - Quality: middle
    - Player: true
    - Friend: true
    - NPC: true
    - Enemy: true
    - Object: true

    - Effect Draw Distance: 50
    - Simple Model Number: 24
    - Background Draw Distance: 50
    - Detail Model Number: 12

    - Reflection: true
    - Light Geography: false
    - Light Shaft: false
    - Light Effect: true
    - Bloom: false
    - Depth: false
    - Blur: false
    - AntiAliasing: true
    Preset 4:

    - Texture Resolution: 1 (medium)
    - Shader Quality: true

    - Quality: middle
    - Player: true
    - Friend: true
    - NPC: true
    - Enemy: true
    - Object: true

    - Effect Draw Distance: 75
    - Simple Model Number: 62
    - Background Draw Distance: 75
    - Detail Model Number: 20

    - Reflection: true
    - Light Geography: false
    - Light Shaft: true
    - Light Effect: true
    - Bloom: true
    - Depth: true
    - Blur: true
    - AntiAliasing: true
    Preset 5:

    - Texture Resolution: 2 (high)
    - Shader Quality: true

    - Quality: high
    - Player: true
    - Friend: true
    - NPC: true
    - Enemy: true
    - Object: true

    - Effect Draw Distance: 100
    - Simple Model Number: 100
    - Background Draw Distance: 100
    - Detail Model Number: 30

    - Reflection: true
    - Light Geography: true
    - Light Shaft: true
    - Light Effect: true
    - Bloom: true
    - Depth: true
    - Blur: true
    - AntiAliasing: true
    When it comes to graphics settings, there's one thing that I hope they will add in later builds, a vsync option.

    One note, those with older PCs or low end PCs will have to play with the Shader Quality option turned off.
    On my laptop (Core 2 Duo T7200, Mobility Radeon X1600, which is below alpha specs), with the Shader Quality option turned on, the "Press Enter" screen runs at 1~3 frames per second. With that option turned off, it runs at around 45 fps.

    On my desktop (AMD Phenom II X2 550, Radeon HD4850), with the shader quality option on, the "Press Enter" screen runs at 60~65 fps, while with the option turned off, it runs at 200 fps.
    Can't see how it runs ingame though, since I don't have an alpha account.
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    High quality version of the new trailer that was shown during TGS:

    TGS reports.
    PSO2 Improvement Plans.

    User Interface:
    - Make great changes to parts that were difficult to understand including icons.
    - When you are using the gamepad, you can chat immediately if you touch the keyboard.
    - Make it easier to participate in parties from the quest counter.
    - Make other general changes.

    Character Creation:
    - Implement morphing when creating a Cast.
    - Removal of Defense stats on costumes.
    - Support color changes for the eyebrows.

    - Some changes for the Force Class.
    - Force: Increase the power of uncharged Technics.
    - Force: Charge Technics in the Sub-palette.
    - Hunters and Rangers: They are currently investigating what changes they should make to these classes.
    Game Watch and 4Gamer notes:

    If you were wondering, the current issue with the eyebrows was that you were allowed to choose only three colors, black, brown, and white. Now they will greatly improve upon this aspect so that at least it can match your hair color. How this will be implemented I do not know yet.

    As for the User Interface, some players were complaining at how small some of the icons were.

    There were many requests to remove defense stats on clothing. Players like the ability to wear what they want freely without having the problem where end-game, everyone wears the same clothes.

    The damage given from techs that were not charged was fairly low. Now these uncharged techs will have higher damage output. Also, forces can now charge techs that are in the sub-palette. Previously only techs that were linked to the rod could be charged.

    After the Alpha Test, users were asked to report their opinions on things they liked about the alpha test. Features like operating their player character, user interface, and communication were rated low while Character Creation and Background Music were rated high.

    “To those that participated in the Alpha Test, thank you very much for giving us your precious opinions and time [...] Because there are other elements that were not announced yet like Mags and My Room, please expect announcements in the future”
    ~Producer Satoshi Sakai
    Phantasy Star Online 2 50% Complete?

    According to the pamphlet distributed at Tokyo Game Show, as of September 2011, Phantasy Star Online 2 is 50% complete.
    Alpha Test Data.

    There's a bunch of miscellaneous info, like races and classes used during the alpha, but here I'll just post the more important things.

    The charts above indicate the number of comments/feedback and bug reports they received on each category. Although the categories are pretty broad, Sakai will go into more details later on with what this means.


    Question 1: So the questionnaire asked about the control schemes players used. Most people played with the gamepad. Technically the gamepad is actually around 70% because you can use it with the keyboard.

    Question 2: The most interesting aspects about the game is the Character Creator. It is pretty funny to see “Story” chosen as the least interesting aspect considering how there was very little story in the Alpha test.


    Question 3: Coinciding with what you saw in the TGS presentation, this is a pie chart showing what aspects about the game needed better support. Mainly the user interface was of big concern. (Which lead the team to decide on changing some aspects of the User Interface so it won’t be so hard to understand, as announced at the Tokyo Game Show. ) There were also opinions about how it didn’t feel right when controlling your character.


    Question 4: This pie chart looks at what direction they should head into the most. Gamers mainly selected they should improve upon the character creation aspects. (This probably lead to the decision on adding Cast morphing to the character creation as they announced at the Tokyo Game Show,) What’s interesting to note here is the entry asking if you want to raise something like a pet. (When checking 2ch about this question, one asked if the pets refer to Mags?) Not that this pie chart confirms they are going to add a pet, but it looks like it may have been on the drawing board.

    5 - Point Evaluation: And finally we get to the most confusing chart. In this chart, users were asked to rate different aspects of the game from 1 to 5. The lowest score (1) is indicated by a red bar whereas a score of (5) is indicated as a blue bar. The longer the color of the bar, the more people gave it that score. If you go back to Question 3, you can see the areas that were most chosen there, are shown on this chart with the longer red bars. The UI, communication, and controlling your character were given low scores, while character creation, and BGM were given high scores.
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