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    Old 08-08-2011, 07:24 AM
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    Default Starcraft Terran Campaign Tips

    So... I downloaded the Starter Edition of Starcraft II this weekend... and...

    WOW! I am a complete RTS nab... COMPLETE NAB! And I hate the genre as I'm so bad at it.

    But did I enjoy the Starter Edition? I sure did! So much so that I worked on those achievements!!

    Its so well polished... and doesn't feel much like previous RTS titles I've played. (C&C Original was probably the longest RTS I stuck with, and that was getting close to the end of the GDI Campaign before giving in).

    Any ways... this admiration for SCII resulted in me re-downloading SCI again, and actually enjoying my time with it.

    But... I still suck.

    I just started the Escape From Planet But Destroy The Ion Cannon 1st mission... just after Kerrigan is left on a planet.

    I have about 8 SCVs grabbing minerals... but I just don't seem to be able to build up my defences and my forces... and to top it, the bastard keeps nuking me

    Does anyone have any decent tips for Terran?
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