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    Old 05-17-2011, 09:09 PM
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    Originally Posted by Brabus View Post
    ...............They have.

    They have made 8 double the length of KotoR, single player experiances. You dont have to group with anyone at any point.
    Just because its online doesnt suddenly make it shit does it? Buy the game, play the first month or so that comes free, then make a decision.

    Which is what me, and 99% of all players should be doing.

    And people judging MMO's on graphics need to have a word with themselves.
    I hear you, and you are right. As a big fan of the first two KoTOR games, I was super hyped about this even though it's an MMO. Graphics is not the biggest concern for me, but gameplay is. When I say the game is looking "bleh", I am refering to the gameplay. But I hope everything falls into place, because I would LOVE to lose myself in the Star Wars universe for days on end.

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    Old 05-17-2011, 10:07 PM
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    It may be just me?..but I kinda like what I see here and a years more polish from this build works for me. If it aint broke dont fix it..and the EQ/WOW mechanic in mmorpg works and is super adictive. I love star wars and a star wars game with that mechanic..with the bonus of the 8 epic storylines imo..will indeed restore faith in Bioware ..and at the development price involved they are pinning all their hopes on it.

    Yes you can go for a complete overhaul of the mmorpg like Guild Wars 2 promises but imo the staple quest/loot/upgrade/flex mechanic so succesful in EQ2 and WOW is the desired template and only needs a few additions..not an overhaul.
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    star wars, swtor, the old republic

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