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    Old 05-23-2011, 01:39 PM
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    Default Week 24: Freespace 2



    What is the PC Gamer Club?

    The PC Gamer Club (PCGC for short) is where the great minds of the internets come together to talk about the game of the week.

    How does the club work?

    Each week a winner of the previous week's poll is chosen to take center stage in our discussion. Members have one week prior to the start of the current week's club to get a hold of the game, be it digital download, physical retailers, garage sales, or even those old floppies lying around since 1992. Throughout the week, members will play the game and give their feedback on what worked, what didn't, and how it stands up to today's standards. The week will officially start on Mondays, and run until the following Sunday.

    How can I join?

    The requirements of joining the PCGC are easy.

    1. you must have a registered account in good standings at pcgamer.com.

    2. you must own, rent, or borrow a copy of the game. That's it.

    Do I have to participate every week?

    Absolutely not. Come and go as you please.

    Are there any costs?

    Joining the club is 100% free. The only fee you may or may not be subject to is the cost of the game.

    How much will the games cost?

    We will hold costs down to $10 or less per week, barring any exceptions.

    Where can I buy the games?

    Each week a post with a link to a current e-tailer will be provided along with the game title. You're also encouraged to search ebay, craigslist, and other listings to find the best prices.

    My PC is outdated by today's standards, will I be able to participate?

    Absolutely. Most of the games we will be focusing on are categorized as "classic" titles. The hardware requirements will be kept to a minimum to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate.

    Can we mod the game to our taste?

    Well, it's your game, we can't tell you how to play it. However, you should keep in mind that the focus of conversation will be on based on the developer's original vision of the game. Mods often take away game mechanics that, no matter how trifle or trivial they may seem, are part of the original design. It makes for better conversation if you can adequately explain why a certain game feature distracted you from enjoying the game then patching it with a mod.

    Will there be spoilers?

    Absolutely. People play at their own pace, and because of that we have to disallow a ban on spoilers. To ban spoilers would handcuff the conversation until everyone catches up. It's a weekly affair, so for the sake of pace, we must keep the conversation flowing. Unfortunately, that means spoiling some key plots in games.

    Can I take screenshots and post them in the conversation?

    Absolutely, but try to keep them to a maximum of 1280x1024, so a) it doesn't warp the board, and b) people on dial-up (yes they do exist) can participate. Photobucket auto-resizes images to a max of 1280x1024, so uploading there is a safe bet.

    I have a game I think everyone will love, how can I nominate it?

    Games should be nominated in the PCGC weekly nomination thread. This thread, and all concurrent weekly game threads should contain only information relevant to the game that's in discussion.

    Can I nominate console games?

    Sorry, no. For obvious reasons.

    What is the best way to participate?

    The best way to participate is by following these basic and simple guidelines:

    [INDENT][LIST][*]Be thorough. That doesn't mean you have to write a book (although if you want to go ahead). Try to make arguments that are clear and easy to understand by everyone. If a game sucks, don't just say it sucks, tell us why you think it sucks. Was it the game or was it one mechanic that threw you off? What could they have done to improve the game?

    [*]Be respectful. Opinions are just that: opinions. They are subjective to the player, and so to argue your opinion is better or worse than another persons is as pointless as arguing if a cup is half full or half empty.

    [*]Be vocal. Ask other members about their experiences and compare them to yours. Then debate them on theirs.

    And last, but not least, HAVE FUN!



    Space Combat Simulation

    200 MHz CPU, 32 MB RAM, 8X CD-ROM drive, DirectX 6.0, 400 MB available hard disk space, Windows 95, 3D accelerated graphics card

    SYNOPSIS: (from Wikipedia)
    The game begins 32 years after the events in Descent: FreeSpace. The player is a pilot in the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (GTVA), a single entity formed to cement the alliance between the Terran and Vasudan races after loss of communication with Earth. However, opposition still exists to this union, and a faction of Terrans led by Admiral Bosch formed the Neo-Terran Front (NTF) and has rebelled, taking over several star systems.

    PRICE:$5.99 (GOG)

    GOG LINK: [url]http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/freespace_2[/url]
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    Old 05-24-2011, 01:21 AM
    Spank n Uranus Spank n Uranus is offline
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    It's hard to believe I never played this game. I spent a lot of time on Freelancer and Tachyon: The Fringe but back then I hadn't even heard of this game. So far the story is very blah blah blah and just seems kind of random right now here in the beginning but maybe that'll change.

    Also there are missions that I've "failed" but I'm able to keep playing. I'm not sure if the story just arcs in a different way if you win/loose or if there's just no way to win some of those missions.
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    Old 05-24-2011, 11:37 PM
    Spank n Uranus Spank n Uranus is offline
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    Posts: 627

    Just to say I DID install the Freespace 2 Open. I didn't want to try to remap the keyboard in some efficient way and I didn't feel like dragging out my joystick every time I wanted to play. My understanding is it doesn't change the game in any way other than updating the controls and graphics if you want. I got it so I could use the mouse to fly with. It's not as good as Freelancer but it's acceptable.

    Should you be interested in this [URL="http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=61606.0"]here's[/URL] the forum post that I followed. It may take awhile if you download everything but it's very simple just to leave it and let it go by itself. My main reason for doing this was for mouse control.

    Now... I've played some more and the pacing/story of the game is just strange. It just feels so erratic, fast, and I don't really comprehend what's going on. The voice acting isn't too bad but it's just very ho-hum. Rebel this, shivan that, blow up this, investigate that. It FEELS like I every other mission that I'm getting training for a new ship, that I'm such a badass moving to yet another fleet group, and that I'm the Duke Nukem of the Freespace 2 universe and I get a new flashy medal.

    I remember moments in Tachyon and Freelancer where I was thinking HOLY CRAP how did I ever make it through that?!?! You know, there was no medals in that, just some cash, but I felt SO badass and awesome getting through those missions. I'm playing the game on the default settings and the missions don't feel very tough, it just feels like I'm getting medals and awards for zipping up my fly.

    Now I'm not saying it's a bad game or not entertaining but it just does not leave me feeling..... impressed, amazed, wowed, FULFILLED. Lol, that all the words I could come up with at the time. It's a classic and highly regarded game. Maybe I just haven't gotten far enough in.
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    Old 05-25-2011, 07:11 AM
    greenbeermonkey greenbeermonkey is offline
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    Thanks Spank, excellent research on getting FS2 using a mouse. I'll give it a whirl sometime soon.

    PCG Game Club

    Also on Origin
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    Old 05-31-2011, 05:20 PM
    Spank n Uranus Spank n Uranus is offline
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    I have to admit I haven't had any interest or will to even relaunch this game with the experience that I've been getting from it. I do wonder and question why it's so highly regarded but then again I do understand that when you played a game back then you viewed things differently.

    Back in that era I used to play a lot of the Novalogic games. Back then they were pretty good and pretty fun... if you look back on them today and compared them to todays games you certainly wouldn't think so.
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    freespace 2, game club, pcgc

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