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    Default Crafting Updates

    Original Post:[URL="http://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?137843-Upcoming-Crafting-Updates"]http://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?137843-Upcoming-Crafting-Updates[/URL]

    Upcoming Crafting Updates
    The crafting forums have been abuzz with a lot of issues and feedback and we wanted to check in and let you know that we are listening. We’re working diligently to get in a slew of fixes and tweaks by our next major patch. Here’s a preview of just a few issues we’re addressing:

    • Better Faction Recipes – Any recipes rewarded from factions that used to be Uncommon are now Rare (Blue)!
    • Better Potion Cooldown Groups – There was an issue with potions which caused them all to be on the same cooldown. They have now been divided into groups to make them more useable.
    • Better Harvesting Rates – Wood, Ore, and Plant resources have gotten a major tweak. There should be more resources with quicker respawns throughout the world.
    • Outfitter Supply Bags – These should no longer award Wood and Metal, but Cloth and Leather.
    • Parchment & Vellum – These recipes will be available from Artificer Trainers and useable at Looms.

    There are also numerous bug fixes that will accompany the above changes. Details and specifics on these fixes will be included in their patch notes. In addition to this we still have a number of issues we’d like to address that will show up in future patches these include (but are not limited to):

    • Endgame Apothecary Recipe Fixes – Replace the hyper expensive materials (Catalysts & Essences) in some of our high level apothecary recipes with something more reasonable.
    • Daily Quest Objectives – A number of daily quests require disproportionate difficulty items to complete (Such as Distillate) we’ll be reviewing a number of these and cleaning them up to be more in line with other work orders.
    • Runecrafting Materials – Right now certain materials are in much higher demand (kinetics) while others have an excess. We’ll be reviewing all of the rune crafting recipes to see what we can do to even out this demand for materials.
    • Broken Recipes – We’ve found a number of recipes that require ingredients that no longer drop in the world, we’ll be finding and fixing these shortly.
    • Tradeskill Plaques – We realize the random nature of plaques can be frustrating at times, so we’re going to take a look at plaque deliver & cost and see what we can do to make this more enjoyable without trivializing the effort needed to obtain them.
    • Salvaging Bones & Gems – Items shall now drop bone and gem bits, which are used in some of the Artificer temporary items.

    Thanks again for your feedback!
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