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    Old 03-15-2011, 09:39 PM
    ssneakingss ssneakingss is offline
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    Default comments made in guild chat

    Upset by comments made in guild chat

    As a new member to guild and first time playing wow was very upset by remarks made by guild member NOT THAT GUY AGAIN ill explain why.
    I' am lvl 85 Mage prob lvled to quick and gear was not up to lvl 329 to do Cata heroic dungeons only lvl 320 I think. but noticed 2 items in guild bank tab 7 lvl 85 item lvl 333 poss get me to lvl 329.
    So Thursday 10th night I asked advice in chat about items a guild member replied need to contact a officer, so asked in chat and no got a reply. so most off next night 11th kept trying and AKEE replied probably all busy .
    Saturday night tried again managed to get a officer Slash some think and finally got items even offered to put gold in bank , but still fell short off lvl.

    Sunday as I as putting items iin g/bank noticed a a item lvl 333 and kept asking in chat again and a comment in chat said stop spamming for a officer,now could not understand as I already had a reply before in chat.I replied how and who is a officer.
    Tactonic (I think ) whispered me and explained how and where in guild find who are Officers , so whispered Officers no reply
    Tried Monday night no reply.
    To night Tuesday 15th tried again but in chat got a sarcastic comment from a member as mentioned THEN SAW RED and said words I should not have said.
    I do apologise for theses comments.
    I did try to follow rules as advised but got very frustrated as seem to be getting nowhere.

    Question how do we no when a officer is busy
    Can I make a suggestion as officer are players as well and want to enjoy game, when they do get free time say so in chat a couple off times think it would help

    Now been muted ect by Officer( that's fair because off the comments I made ) but felt he or she did not understand the reason's why they were said

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    Old 03-16-2011, 08:35 AM
    Foosfighting Foosfighting is offline
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    Just an observation - the item you were asking for in Guild chat was a crafted PvP item. Not sure why you would want these if your aim is to do heroics. A couple of normal high-level dungeons will get you 333 items with minimal effort.
    "Creates a line of frost in front of the mage, 30 yards from end to end. Enemies who cross the line are snared and take damage. This spell is intended to give mages a way to help control the battlefield..."

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    Old 03-16-2011, 01:30 PM
    ssneakingss ssneakingss is offline
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    Smile foosfighting

    Ty for comments as I said new to wow and don't really understand in the mechanics so all advice welcome but do have spell Ring of Fro, but the item was not the issue it was comments That's why I did not mention items and if it was wrong item would have taken advice from the officer about it.

    Anyway charmed down and If I make mistakes hope they are pointed out in a polite way
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    Old 03-16-2011, 01:46 PM
    Belimawr Belimawr is offline
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    your best bet it to actually read up on your class on other sites (or look in the class forums here there is often info there) and find out what you should be trying for with your class and learn what you can about your class. as unfortunately not everyone will know every class and putting some of your own time in to actually learn how to play your class, what gear and talents you want is actually the best thing you can do. as it makes people think you are trying instead of just asking to be given everything.

    not to mention as said above the item you were asking for was a PVP item (reliance has 0 use in PVE) but your best bet is running normal dungeons to gear your self up, as the stuff in tab 5 and 7 are expensive items and altho they are there to be used, you really should try to limit your use of them instead of relying on the guild bank to get your gear up as again it can make it look like you don't want to work for what you need. also you will loot cloth while playing and you will find tailors in the guild willing to make items for you if you have the mats and this is actually one of the best ways to get items as it allows you to also get a couple of ilevel 359 epics as well.
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    Old 03-16-2011, 02:39 PM
    Darieth Darieth is offline
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    It is often difficult for Officers to notice requests made in guild chat. I'm sorry that you got frustrated, but your behaviour was inappropriate, and I was about to log my main so I could mute you when someone else did.

    English obviously isn't your first language, which I think has contributed to some misunderstandings. You shouldn't be requesting inappropriate items, like PvP ones, just to boost your item level.

    If you don't have the gear for heroics, then look on the Auction House, or find a crafter, or run the level 85 normal dungeons (Halls of Origination, Lost City, Grim Batol) to get some 333 gear pretty easily. You can also earn Justice Points from Normal-level dungeons, which you can use to buy 346 items.

    You can see from the calendar which Officers are raiding on which nights, by which raid teams they are in. There aren't any officers who don't raid at the moment. Ideally, ask an Officer who isn't raiding (not always easy), or ask before 7pm, or after 11pm, when they're less likely to be busy.
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    Old 03-16-2011, 06:03 PM
    Cataclysmic Cataclysmic is offline
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    If you know who the officers are, first check where they are. If they are in:

    Any PvP Battleground
    Bastion of Twilight
    Blackwing Descent
    Throne of the Four Winds
    Any Cataclysm 5 man

    Then it is unlikely you will get an instant response and they may well miss what you said - I know that in raids I hardly ever look at my chat window, and in PvP I am usually dribbling all over my Ice Lance button or exploding in furious bouts of swearing over ventrilo, neither of which mean I am concentrating too much on what is going on in my chat pane

    I have un muted you now that you have a chance to cool off, and sent you the item you requested. bear in mind those items have a stat called "Resilience" on them, which instantly flags them as PvP gear. PvP gear is less than optimal for dungeons at 85 and so should be avoided. Your best bets for gearing up for heroics are: Crafted epics (which, I appreciate can be hard to obtain for a new player, given their cost), spamming normal mode 85 dungeons (open your dungeon finder window, and click the "random normal" button) and reputation gear. Rep gear is very good, as even at honoured reputation you can obtain item level 333 blues - the max item level pre heroic 5 mans.

    If you have any specific questions pertaining to Mages or gearing them up then poke Slashgordon, I'll do my best to give you pointers.
    Origin ID: Slashylol
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    Old 04-15-2011, 02:59 PM
    Varna Varna is offline
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    Hey mate, I'm a high lvl tailor and mage..if you need some guidance or items crafted drop me a whisper on Varna. Granted I'm lvl'in other toons at the mo but i usually log my mage on a regular basis. I have some other max lvl crafters, jewel,inscription which you might find useful.
    I don't know the details of the arguement but PCG is a great guild and the officers are good souls who can be very busy at times....stick with it and you'll be geared in no time once you get faction rep dailies and running normals until you can progress into HC's.
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    Old 04-15-2011, 03:02 PM
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    Bad necro!!!

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