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    Old 03-13-2011, 12:31 AM
    Legthigh Legthigh is offline
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    Default Flyaway

    Hi All,

    I'm not sure who gave Flyaway the power to kick people from the guild but tonight he kicked Buckohare who did absolutely nothing wrong, I was on and so were a handful of others and I saw no reason why this happened.

    He also accused the guild members who were currently online of ganging up on other members and giving abuse of which I saw no evidence of in guild chat, something may have happened on Vent, I was not on there at the time.

    As we were discussing the issue in guild chat, Mythiey said that the discussion stopped as he didn't want to read it, which is fair enough, however he then called the people discussing the issue 'Chavs' and put them on ignore.

    Now as much as I enjoy the guild and love PC Gamer,

    A) I am not a Chav.

    and B) I will not be accused of something I did not do by someone with too much power in their hands.

    This is supposed to be a friendly, fun guild that represents the magazine, however in my eyes, Flyaway is not doing a good job here and I ask that you reconsider him being able to kick people, he is ruining the friendly vibe currently within the guild.

    If Tali and Olgit believe my info above to be incorrect or disagree I will step down from the guild to avoid any upset, I just want to play and have fun, but feel the need to back up Buckohare, Freyd and the others who were accused of things they did not do.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Old 03-13-2011, 12:41 AM
    Legthigh Legthigh is offline
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    Just to add, since posting this I've been demoted to 'Tea Boy' and can no longer speak in guild chat.
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    Old 03-13-2011, 12:43 AM
    smee106 smee106 is offline
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    I would also like to add to this, that on leaving the instance i was healing (which would hardly leave time for me to "gang up" on someone i had never even seen before, and also i find being called a chav insulting) freyd at least was downgraded to teaboy so unable to post in /g.

    If this guild feels that kicking someone that was insulted and had an issue with that is right, and defending yourself against frankly close to libelous statments is wrong then i have joined the wrong guild and will leave.
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    Old 03-13-2011, 07:20 AM
    Olgit Olgit is offline
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    Guys, Flyaway was made an event's officer to give the guild some stability during the late hours. Whilst the comment about "Chav's" from yet another guild member after the fact, added additional fire to the drama, it appears that Flyaway actually did ask for information about the circumstances of why someone left the guild and saw nothing but abuse towards the person that left, whilst he was ignored.

    To this, things got out of hand because you guys thought he was butting into something that wasn't his concern, when he was actually doing what we asked him to do. As a result, a majority of what happend was drama that wasn't needed, especially in guild chat.

    In an effort to restore peace, he removed Buckohare. He was informed after the fact, of the teaboy position and from that and an apology from Bucky, was reinvited back into the guild, but given the position of teaboy, till I came online.

    From what I can initially see, a lot of this issue isn't anyone's fault, but a lack of communication and understanding, but it's something that should never have happened on guild chat.

    If you wish to push this futher, then contact me via PM and I will address your issue personally, but for the moment, I am closing this thread to try and put a stop to any more drama.
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