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    Old 03-05-2011, 07:14 PM
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    Default Bad Behaviour List

    I don't like to make things like this, but I figured it'd be helpful, due to how many members we have in the league.

    Today I had to kick a member for ruining another leagues raid(By refusing to leave, well flat out ignoring them. Needing on all the green items that dropped, they didn't do any bosses just incase. And forcing them all to leave the instance.) because one of their members d/c'd. So in response I'd like to propose a list of all members we've kicked from the league for bad behaviour. Will also consolidate it into a list of people who we've come into contact for the same things, from other leagues. I really don't like naming/shaming, but it has to be done sometimes. Also is a nice list to check incase they ask another Leader to re-invite them to the league.



    [SIZE="3"]From other leagues(League name)[/SIZE]

    Mariel - (HEROICS GERMAN)
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    Old 03-05-2011, 08:02 PM
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    It is quite sad that we actually have to have a thread like this, but what can we do when people start acting like assholes just because anonymity on the Internet.
    Okay you have to wait an hour to get into raid, but in the case of this game it is an possibility that it is a league run that just had the bad fortune of someone disconnecting or having to replace someone for other reasons, so you can't act like a dick and make the raid start all over again just because you want to raid.
    In this league you need to treat other people with respect and try to keep in mind how you would feel in their shoes.
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