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    Old 02-28-2011, 12:51 PM
    Numlox Numlox is offline
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    Default Batcave: Inner Sanctum

    So we managed to get to Brother Eye last night in the new Raid Batcave: Inner Sanctum and id thought id post some "observations" from last night, to make things easier for Future Raids. I did notice there was a distinct lack of Strategies out on the tinternet.

    Last night Set up wasnt ideal:
    2 Tanks (1 Tank changed to DPS after)
    2 DPS
    3 Healers
    1 Controller

    I would suggest:
    1 Tank (Managable with 1 Tank)
    3 DPS (Easier for Tank down Add's for Bosses)
    2 Healers
    2 Controller
    (2 Tanks, 2 DPS for brother eye if you want to make it easie)

    First Boss: ARC

    ARC itself is not that hard, but the fight is 100% annoying. Tanks try and tank him to one side of the room, so you maximise the room for movemement for your team members.

    Periodic Whirlwinds:
    ARC will periodically do a whirlwind and if your not careful it can hit you with Several Hundred Points of Damage. Best advice is to roll out of the way for this. Tanks can alternatively block, but recommend rolling out aswell, since everyone else will be doing the same, you will still have Hate.

    There are 2 types of Whirlwinds:
    a)Compact - This will show the swirls of wind focusing around him very closely, this is when you will need to Roll Out ASAP, as you will take a lot of Damage if your too close.

    b) Loose - The The swirls of wind will be in a very large radius, these dont damage you as much, but can stun or knockback alot. Stay at max range and roll away as often as you can. You might also get hit by flying debris but they should do that much damage.

    Periodic Shield:
    Between Whirlwinds he will put a Shield on himself and ADDS will spawn. This will be your hardest phase.

    YOU CANNOT GENERATE HATE during this phase however, he is still Tankable. During the fight if your Tank has remained on ARC, He will continually attack the tank. Tank only need to block during this phase, since you cant generate hate, but the focus will still be on you. No body should be hitting the boss, and should be concentrating on the ADDs

    You need to prioritise your targets. We found that with enough DPS you can take down the two main adds, if you dont take them down quick enough, ARC will absorb an attack and will add to his list of Devastating Attacks (DA's) You can see him absorbing by a RED BEAM. List is below (May need tweaking as the names are right)

    Omega Sentry = Sonic Blast = 1 Shot one Kill
    Wing Armour = Energy Blast - High Damage
    OMAC Prime = Sonic Boom = Pulsed Sonic Blast
    Rocket Drones = Cone Rocket attack
    Pacifier Drone = Riot Foam (No damage, but will lock you out completely and if caught whilst whirlwind is happening, will knock you around the room)
    Arrestor Drone = Stun Ray = Little Damage

    If you dont have enough DPS, you need to kill the lesser of 2 evils, e.g. if you get a OMAC Prime and a Arrestor Drone, kill the OMAC first since the DA that is absorbed has most chance of wiping your raid. The DA for the Arrestors is just a 1 target stun, in which the boss will remaining stationary for you to concentrate DPS.

    If your tanking and you dont have ARCS attention, assist with the ADDs, if anything help group them up for you DPS to take them down.

    The above is rotational phases, so he will repeat each phase multiple times during your fight in order. You need to pay attention because theres a lot going on and if your not careful you can roll in the corner and get stuck by whirlwind.

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    Old 02-28-2011, 12:52 PM
    Numlox Numlox is offline
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    Second Boss: Zetta-Drone

    Zetta again is quite annoying but a walk in the park compared to ARC. One thing you should know first off is, HE LIKES SPINNING!!!

    OMAC Nano Repair Units
    Periodically OMAC Nano Repair Units will show up at either end of the room and will walk slowly towards Zetta in an attempt to heal him. There are 2 strategies to dealing with these:

    a) Tank will slowly move Zetta away from the OMACS whilst everyone else DPS's them down. TIP: Zetta Doesnt like to be in close combat, so Tank between Zetta and OMACS and Zetta will slowly move away from you.
    b) Tank stay where he is and OMACS are crowd controlled, either by stun locking, knock backs etc whilst DPS'd down. Takes a bit longer, but its less faffing around with position

    These will be your priority through out the fight. Take these down ASAP.

    These will spawn throughout the fight, they dont do too much damage but you should still kill them ASAP non the less. Tanks should be able to generate Hate on everything at this point, including the boss. Just AoE them down and take out as many as you can.

    If you didnt manage to kill all the Bat-Drone then Zetta will reprogram them and convert them into repair units. Kill these ASAP. As above.

    Last Phase
    This is pretty much the Fight, at around 10%-5% Zetta will whirlwind up and down the room. He cannot be Tanked during this phase and does a tonne of knockback. DPS him from range. OMACS will still spawn but the Drones will not be converted.

    Once he's stopped spinning he will be "Dizzy" and stationary, this is where you can pile on the DPS as he will be "Dizzy" for quite a while. If you dont manage to nuke him down at this point, then the Above will repeat again. If you do, Congratulations.

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    Old 02-28-2011, 12:52 PM
    Numlox Numlox is offline
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    Last Boss: Brother Eye

    This boss is a nightmare and you'll come to hate him, or if you like most of us relish the challenge. Brother Eye has 2 Main Phases and you will be grounded throughout the whole duration (Flyers get used to Running & Rolling). I hope your in for a long fight:

    Phase 1: Terminals

    Once you speak to Batman, he will run to 1 of 5 Terminals. Communication is Key in this fight! Your Raid leader should Call out which Terminal Batman is at, so your raid knows, then someone call out a 2nd time when the terminal is attackable. This should be nuked down as quick as possible This is your first Priority. We called out terminals as 1o'clock, 3 o'clock, 5' o clock, with Brother Eye being 12. That sounds easy right? Think again.

    During phase 1 lots will be happening, and its about survival, more than anything else.

    Additional Mobs:
    When Batman is at each terminal ADD's will spawn, and increase in number and type after each terminal (meaning Your last terminal will be your hardest). You can either choose to:

    a) Pick your Targets and nuke them down. e.g. OMAC Primes, NeurOMAC, etc or
    b) Roll Around Avoiding mobs but not focusing on anything in particular.

    Either way you should ALWAY take down the Eye Drones, since these seemingly always target your healers. (That just my observation). There are 5 Terminals in total

    Whilst your looking at the terminal and dodging ADD's, you also have to dodge Brothers Eyes Laser beams which are Red, Green & Blue. You need to Avoid these at all costs. Also Make a decision on whether you should help your team mate. Many times where a member has fallen and a laser has sat on top of him. You should not make an attempt to rez him.

    TIP: When your waiting for the Terminal Shield to go down, DO NOT STAND BY IT, This will make all the laser focus on you and ultimately over the terminal, meaning you cannot get close to take it down. Wait until the last minute when the shield is down, then attack.

    Supreme Lasers
    As if you didnt have enough to contect with, with the terminals, NeurOMACS, OMAC Primes, Eye Drones, 3 Lasers and normal OMACS, You need to avoid Brother Eyes Supreme Lasers. These are THICK ORANGE LASERS which if you get caught in its line, will continuously knock you back along its path and hit your for Several hundred in the space of about 2 seconds. Basically if you get caught in front of it, your dead. You can walk over the trail just dont go in front of it.

    If you Survive all of the above aswell as taking the terminals, well done Brother Eye will now come down and fight you. Phase 2 is next.

    Phase 2

    Phase 2 is pretty simple in comparison to phase 1, Dont bother Tanking or going into melee, you'll never get close enough in time between his spins, so just ROLL & DPS:

    Brother Eye will Periodically face down and Spin towards someone in the Raid. IF hes heading towards you, simple Roll around the room until he stops spinning and then continue DPS. TIP. Dont roll Back and Forwards. The room is ROUND so roll around the room so you dont get stuck.

    Periodically Brother Eye will generate a Orange Vortex and Teleport to a random location in the Room. Once hes teleported, he will Spin straight away as above. Best Advice, ROLL whilst hes teleporting, so you dont get stunned when he re-appears, and roll away if hes near your or heading towards you during his spin.

    Eye Beam:
    Eye Beam is a cone effect that fires a large electrifying beam our of his eye. If you get caught in this, your DEAD!. You will notice when he's ready to fire it up when he is stationary and a orange glow appears in his eye. ROLL SIDEWAYS out of the cone effect. If your already out of the cone then DPS him as hard as you can.

    We had 7 people when phase 2 started, at 60% we had the 2 tanks and 1 healer. If you ROLL and keep at max range you can slowly take him down. THIS IS NOT A DPS FIGHT ITS A SURVIVAL FIGHT! Meaning keeping alive and DPSing at the right moment.

    Thats your lots. Easy huh? Pffft!

    I might Edit this thread later since some of the information is incorrect with Drone names etc.

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    Old 02-28-2011, 02:44 PM
    Sam St. James Sam St. James is offline
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    And the most important thing you want to keep in mind: if you only have one controler... make sure he/she doesn't lag -.-
    Duh... I dunno how often the lag killed me, but I guess like 12 out of 13 times.

    But apart from that: it was fun. My new motto: "Dammit, they killed Sam again!"

    EDIT: Ha, 21 deaths on our succesful run, 17 of which go to brother eye or his adds, because I got usually ressed when I was down just to die again shortly after -.-

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    Old 02-28-2011, 10:02 PM
    Barrin Barrin is offline
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    "Knowledge is no more expensive than ignorance, and atleast as satisfying."
    -- Barrin, Master Wizard
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    Old 02-28-2011, 11:19 PM
    Zeratul Zeratul is offline
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    Just a slight edit, when Zetta reprograms a Bat-drone, it makes the Bat-Drone start spinning(Like a mini-Zetta), it doesn't turn it into a Repair Bot.
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    Old 03-01-2011, 12:14 PM
    TheGreenRanger TheGreenRanger is offline
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    I'm a controller.

    I'm happy to help you guys in this mission if needed to
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    Old 03-02-2011, 06:06 AM
    Sam St. James Sam St. James is offline
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    Well... have to say on our second attempt especially the ARG wasn't such a pain as on the first try (okay I did lag a little less, and I guess that helped a lot). Zetta drone felt relatively easy already on the first attempt to me (hey I didn't die there, which means it was a good fight ).
    Also someone might want to add some information about the two rooms of death, especially the elite guardians. Because they also hurt pretty badly (killed me only twice or at max three times... though).
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    Old 03-03-2011, 07:55 AM
    Lythandra Lythandra is offline
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    This is what happens whenever Batman holds an underground rave party. He calls us, he's room-service. Then we godda clean out he's little cave again and take out all the trash he's guests have left behind.


    Oh well. Atleast we got a job right? Being cleaners ain't always fun and games, but it get's the bills paid.
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    Old 03-11-2011, 08:27 AM
    Sam St. James Sam St. James is offline
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    That's what I found on the official forums... looks interesting, there are some things we hadn't been keeping in mind:
    For instance that with every absorbed add, the next phase gets harder. Which means... we should maybe focus more on killing them?

    Apart form that... nothing can save us from a glitched second phase I guess -.-

    Random facts

    - Eye drones drain mana, we make them prio numero uno

    - Normal OMACs knock back, too many of them and your raid dies from being pushed in something

    - Psychic blades = awesome to reboot computers, one controller alone can reboot a computer with no help thanks to that

    - The more mobs brother eye absorbs when you reboot a computer = the harder next phase is

    - Kite the primes and neuromac away if you're not confident enough about dpsing them down

    - Don't cluster around the computer that needs to be rebooted, the more people bashing the computer = the more chances a laser screws everything up

    - Ice tank pops winter ward whenever brother eye starts spinning

    - Practice makes perfect

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    batcave, dcuo, inner sanctum

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