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    Old 03-24-2012, 10:18 PM
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    Default stream errors because of internet filter

    Even though I'm over 18, my parents continue to use a filter over our internet connection. Though I do have ways around that, any attempts to configure DCUO to use them result in it just trying again without letting me actually configure it. The problem exists entirely because their stream's names are not entirely random (that and it won't let me use the file after downloading it manually, it continues to insist that it must do it itself), and one of them happened to contain the word 'babe' toward the end (the thing blocks most mentions of Deus Ex because it interprets it as Deu Sex, so there's generally tons of collateral damage generated by this excuse for a filter). Is there some way to get around this issue that doesn't involve moving? Tried support for this issue last time I had it for Everquest (same exact stream name), but it was either 'there isn't any solution' or 'download (thing you'd have to have already downloaded to even get to the point at which the issue occurred)'
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    Old 03-25-2012, 04:46 AM
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    Cant you just ask your parents to remove the restrictions, explain your problem to them and tell them to put it back on after if they feel the need to. I dont mean to insult anyone mate, but i cant belive your parents insist on these restriction at all and at the age of 18 do they really think that your going to stumble accross something that shocks you to the core online ? and more importantly why dont they have any trust in you to use your computer and the internet resposably and by their rules, explain this to them maybe thayll give in
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