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    Thumbs up [Version 1.6.4] [CraftBukkit] [PvP Survival] [Factions] [MG]



    Version 1.6.4
    PvP Survial

    (For those of you who just want the Super Fast Details)
    {PVP, Shops, Minigames, Ranks, PayPal/SMS, Jobs, Bukkit, Essentials, More}
    Features of the Website

    The Forum

    Of Course! The life blood To any good server. Available to for suggestions, complaints, and of course, general discussion.

    Ranking System

    All Players and staff in the game are on a rank system, which allows for the use f different features, kits, and even gamemodes and more server access, like admin commands!
    The basic Rank is of course Free, but there are many ranks available for purchase VIA Pay-Pal Or SMS. Just check out the SHOP section of the website!
    Some of the ranks available for purchase are:

    DONATOR (Creative Mode Forever!)

    What Does Type of server is this?

    Grizlyland is a PvP survival server, For people of all ages.

    It Makes use of several Bukkit Plugins, including, but not limited to:

    Essentials: Providing Basic Commands for staff and Players as well as providing an economy system.
    Factions : Factions Allows players to form Groups within the game, and set standing with other groups, and provides LAND and PROPERTY PROTECTION! Woo!
    Lockette : Lockette is a plugin which allows you to lock doors and chests, providing extra protection. Go's well with Factions
    MiniGames: Allows Mods and Admin To Create Custom MiniGames with many different Options! See Below For list of minigames.
    Jobs : Allows Players to earn Cash For the minigames bets, Shop, and To pay players for tasks, like building, mining, and trades.
    Many More Plugins Too!

    What is this server About?

    This Server Is about Providing an environment suitable for anyone of any age, as well as providing the best possible gameplay experience. Moderators, Admin, and Owner are on on a Daily basis, to check on the server, check the forums, and to of course, play the game!
    This Server Also tries to provide as fair an environment as possible, meaning that creative ranked players can't abuse the powers on lower ranks, or help they're friends by giving away items or blocks. Gameplay is meant to keep the "feel" of minecraft, as well as to sustain the in-game economy.
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