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    Old 11-02-2010, 08:03 PM
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    Default Team Uber defeated by lag boss

    Just a quick note on our 25-man team uber progress - I try and explain where we are each tuesday, but I understand not everyone is on (or listening) when I'm spouting off.

    Tonight we were hit by ridonculous lag issues ([url]http://www.pcgamer.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3780[/url]) - over a third of our raid team was crippled and I didn't think it was worth persevering on a fight as tricky as the Lich King. Defile and Valkyr are abilities that need split second reactions and those of us who have raided for years understand that calling a raid night early rather than strugle for 3 hours is better for everyone.

    The plan is to reschedule for next tuesday night, and again extend and go straight to Arthas - it turns out i've been copy/pasting the raid event over the last few weeks so it still says 'lower spire and plague wing' - even though we've been working on arthas for 3 weeks now. I'm sorry for this oversight, and sorry to anyone who showed up expecting an easy entry into the 25-man raid scen then faced with the lich king himself

    There are many of us who have been going to ICC for nearly a year, so starting a new lock out doesnt appeal to us very much. Also with the new raid lock out system, a number of characters raid through the week and might not kill Arthas on 10-man because they know we're coming on tuesday to smack him.
    This makes a brand new 25-person lock out a tricky thing to organise on the last day of the weekly reset.

    Anyway, to sum up - I'd dearly like to finish Arthas off one more time on 25-man, and once that is done will probably stop scheduling icc-25 to give peeps a month off before Cataclysm. I hope people can make next week, and hopefully we'll have found solutions to our lag issues by then too!

    Finally - here is a picture of a cat to cheer everyone up.
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    Old 11-02-2010, 09:17 PM
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    Sorry to hear that Akee. I unsigned from the raid as I knew lag was going to kill me and spent some time reading instead. This MTU fix seems to work great. I highly recommend reading the thread on the wow forum from about page 34 onwards. Some v interesting posts about how people are finding out more info.

    Seems like it isnt Virgin's fault this time... which I admit I find hard to say!


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