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    Default The Big Guide to PVP Comms

    Make sure your client is set up as Push to Talk (This means that your mic is only active while the designated key is pressed) ; this configuration can be found in the settings. Also make sure that when you are using Ventrilo, you don't have a lot of background noise and so on. Before your class you should come on Ventrilo and verify that your headset works and adjust your microphone volume. Voice Communications during Operations:

    First of all, you must always identify yourself on voice communications. Typically the gang commander or other members of your corp will have the software window buried under Eve and wont be able or have the time to look and see who has the little icon indicating that they are speaking. For this reason, it is essential to refer to yourself in the third person when talking on voice communications. For example, do not say "I am lagged and didn't activate the gate" but rather "Rells is lagged and couldn't activate the gate." In this manner the gang commander knows who you are, it is critical to get into this habit when speaking on Ventrilo or Teamspeak.

    At times, the commander of a gang will say "battle communications" or "battlecomms". This means that you should cease all conversation, unless it is relevant to the tactical situation at hand. Don't talk about basketball or your girlfriend at this point or even ship setups or the loot that you got off of the last kill but rather focus on the situation. A commander does this to clear the communications of unnecessary traffic so he can issue rapid fire orders and receive intelligence in the gang. If you dont obey this rule, the fleet commander can not hear all of the intel that is comming in and is not able to effectively issue orders. Fleet commanders are constantly issuing orders and evaluating the situation; it is an extremely intense job. By talking about other things, you will interfere with this ability. People that do this routinely will get muted by the fleet commander until he or she believes you have learnt what battlecomms means.

    Another important aspect of communicating on voice comms is to keep your intelligence reports succinct. There is little more aggrivating when a recon pilot says "Uh, ... there are two ... no ... uh .. three battleships on the gate from ... seems like DOOM and ... no wait that is uh one battleship and two ... uh ... battlecruisers and they are ... well ... let me see ... uh about 3 ... maybe uh 4km off the gate, though I cant see too well ..." Do this in a gang and you risk your own fleet commander podding you, and not in the affectionate way. Think first, count second, evaluate third and report last. Be succinct and fast, "Recon, the gate has one bs and two battlecruisers from doom sitting slightly off the gate." The second report will give me and others a chance to talk whereas I have seen the pilots sputter in the first kind of report for 5 minutes before I could get in a word. While we don't expect recon reports to the caliber of a Covert Ops pilot (who has the luxury of time), something which is concise is. Similarly you will learn about calling out points of warp disruption in combat; dont say "This is Rells and I have been able to lock down Jones Tyler with one point from my warp disruptor." The phrase "Point on Jones Tyler" will suffice.

    Some times when you are talking on communications you will hear the phrase "break, break!" This is a code word that tells everyone on the communications that you have something to say of an emergency nature. Something like "There are 6 battleships warping in." or "local just jumped by 50!" If you hear this code phrase phrase stop talking even in the middle of a sentence and listen for the intelligence. If you have something to report of a similar nature, use the code phrase yourself but don't abuse it. It is not a way to interrupt people. Constant abuse will likely get you thrown out of gangs or muted.

    Finally, make sure you don't give orders on communications or even anything that remotely sounds like an order. For example, in a previous class we were orbiting a gate at 1000m and there was a gate activation; at this time one student said "Jump" meaning that he saw that someone jumped in on the gate. Unfortunately 2 students actually thought that was an order and jumped through the gate. Instead of using these terms use phrases like "gate activation" or "incoming". If on the gate and you don't know whether you are supposed to jump or not, ask "What are orders on gate?". We also use the phrase "target, target, target Smith" said rapidly to indicate that the players should lock and destroy the target with the name Smith. Only the gang commander will be calling targets. All of this is designed to prevent misunderstandings that get people killed.

    Following these rules will make your gang communication more effective and increase your survivability in gangs.
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    This information was taken from Agony Unleashed forums and is not to be distributed


    A really well written article regarding what to expect and how to react in respects to voice communications in a Gang.

    Voice communications (in this case vent) is an invaluable resource for a fleet. It allows you to act and react faster than the enemy. Good disciplined comms lets the Hydra Fleet to maximize its effectiveness because the FC (Fleet Commander) can coordinate the weight of weapons and EWAR on the enemy's vulnerabilities. The Fleet depends on mobility and surprise; both of these are hard to maintain without voice comms.

    Voice Comms vs Text Chat

    If the fleet is approaching a gate, don't use voice for questions so that the FC can listen for recon and intelligence reports. You always want to know what's on the other side of the gate and sometime reports come in at the last second. Keep using text chat for admin and it is great for easy to answer shorter questions. If you raise an important point in text the FC can bring it up on vent so that everyone can benefit.

    In 0.0, you have to be even more selective about when to talk on vent. Just listen before you key your microphone so that you don't "step on" someone else's question. If you hear "break break", "recon" or "battlecomms", stay quiet until the urgency passes. The word "urgency" is really the key to using vent. Voice comms are used when things are urgent because seconds count and typing is too slow. If there's nothing "urgent" going on, get your questions going.

    Battle comms:
    When the FC or anyone calls Battle comms, all gang members should be quiet and listen for orders. During this time, the FC will be hearing reports, issuing orders or just taking a moment to think. It's our time, as gang members, to hold questions on vent. If its something urgent, you can still use gang or squad chat to type your question.

    Break Break:
    Someone has urgent information on the fleet's tactical situation for the FC. Everyone listen up; hopefully, it's your next victim.

    The ships out ahead or behind the gang with key information will start their report by saying "recon". The gang leader needs this info so save your questions for later or put them in gang chat.

    You, Me and I

    Don't use these pronouns. Instead always identify yourself with your name. Refer to yourself in the third person (like that Seinfeld episode) "George is getting angry" and "Jimmie needs a new pair of shoes". It definitely feels weird at first but start doing it every time you talk...even in the theory section. Just say "This is George. Why should jammers be on manual?" It makes it easier for the FC to keep track of who's asking (they do watch the vent as well) but I also think it helps people get in the mindset for when they get into space. Now in 0.0, it becomes much more important. The FC needs to know who is talking or you are wasting valuable seconds by forcing him to ask "who said that".

    Once you have some more PvP experience, you should be able to get around 0.0 by yourself, and may not need help from the FC. If that is the case and vent is busy, just type your report/info into gang chat and say something along the lines of "no assistance needed". The FC may come pick you up anyway because he wants to look after all members but he may not because there are 29 other ships to look after as well.

    Here's a couple examples of brevity or the lack thereof:

    Wrong: Did you jump? I think I missed the jump. The lag is killing me. Is everyone lagged? Better: (if you need help): George is still in E-3 at the D-0 gate. Lagged. Request orders. Best: (you don't need any help): George is lagged OR George is behind.

    Now that's not the only right way but I hope it's a good example of brevity, precision and using the third person. It also leads me right to my next few points.

    Brevity and Precision

    Be precise when you make a report. Tell him who, where and what but keep it as short as possible. Eventually, you'll be a good PVP'r with a gang that knows you and you can cut it down even farther but in the new fleets, no one knows your voice and the FC is trying to keep 30 ships on the move (read herding cats).

    Be very careful confusing warp and jump, especially if you are providing intel. Providing bad intel gets FCs ticked off very quickly.
    Don't be a "narrator".

    In these examples, Jimmie is the tackler and George is in our fleet; Easy Meat is the target ship.

    Jimmie: "one point Easy Meat" FC: "everyone warp to Jimmie" George: "ok, I'm warping to the gate..... got him locked and webbed... ok missiles away... he's targeting me now.... he's shooting...I'm tanking pretty well, at 80% shields...into armor now....he's into structure...muhahaha I do crazy dps....he's dead"

    All the details are interesting to you, but there's zero reason to be broadcasting it on vent. Comms should be limited only significant details to the FC (namely ewar calls and immediately significant intel).

    A better example might be:

    Jimmie: "one point Easy Meat" FC: "everyone warp to Jimmie" George: "web"...."Easy Meat is aggressed" FC: "get the pod"

    This way, the FC knows that the target has a web on it and, since he has aggressed, cannot go through the gate. You haven't used up much time on vent so the FC is free to be thinking and listening for intel to plan our next kill.

    Saying the J word

    Jump is an order to be given by the Fleet Commander only.

    Try not to say it five times while talking back to the FC about how "warping off instead of going through the gate wasn't your fault"...yeesh... If there's time, the FC will usually play it out to see how many times you'll say the J word before you realize it.

    There is a good reason for avoiding the J word. Imagine you are on a gate waiting for your scout to tackle someone on the other side. You are keyed up with the excitement of the upcoming kill (the adrenalin really starts flowing on those first few kills) and someone says "So when do we jump?". What your mouse finger heard was JUMP and you are gone, gone, gone. No calling it back; your brain is still translating the "blah blah blah JUMP" but not fast enough to stop that damn finger.

    There are some euphemisms you can use instead of the J word: "We are 7 systems from our destination", "The target went out the gate", "go through the gate", "four gates to go" etc.

    Someone does this every time so try not to let it be you by starting the habit now! (It does become a habit...I'm even hesitating before I type the J word in these notes)

    The J word vs Warp

    Warping is done within a system while you have to use a gate to Jump. Don't get them mixed up when talking to the FC. It can be a completely different tactical situation when you report that the ship you are targeting "warped off" or "went through the gate".

    Chatting and Talking Back

    There's probably going to be a good Vent chit chat going on between the FC, theither pilots. They know when to chat and when to keep their mouths shut. I didn't so I kept mine shut unless I had a question. If you have a question, ask it; if you have it, I'll bet at least one or two other people have the same one but are afraid to ask.

    This is the "talking back" portion. The instructors expect mistakes to happen. More important than any mistake is how you handle yourself afterwards. So if you do make a mistake, identify yourself and get to where you are supposed to be. It had to happen to someone and this time it's you. No big deal, next time it'll be someone else. If you need help, you'll get it. That next kill might be just through the gate and we all want a piece of it.

    People Chatting and Vent -> By chatting, I mean shooting the sh... er... breeze (idle chit chat about pizza or wow or whatever). You can do it at the right times but if you can keep it in the text chat, you will keep your FC happy. The FC will call battlecomms if s/he needs vent clear.

    Going through a gate

    When you approach a gate, the Gang Leader will give you your orders. If he's busy and doesn't give orders, the default instruction is to orbit at 500m (1000m if previously directed). If you don't hear any orders, go with the default. If you think you missed or aren't sure you heard the order, ask "orders on the gate?" There were a few standard orders used in the fleet but they can also be mix and match depending on the Gang Leader.

    Jump on contact -
    go through the gate as soon as you are out of warp
    Jump and hold cloak - go through the gate immediately but do nothing to break your cloak on the other side. That means don't move or cycle weapons/ewar. The priority is keeping your cloak up so that you don't betray the fleet's position.
    Align - bring your ship around to point at the next stargate (normally double click beside the gate. If everyone is heading the right direction, the warp looks fast and tight)
    Jump and Align - go through the gate and quickly align to the next stargate
    Jump Re-approach - go through, break cloak and use afterburner to get to the gate. Orbit at 500/1000m Jump, Jump - go through the gate immediately
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    The default for arriving on the other side without orders is to "Orbit 1000 and cycle weapons and ewar", so you are as ready as possible. Just make sure you didn't miss the "stay cloaked command or you could ruin your ambush. Personally, if I'm not 100% sure, I stay cloaked and ask. That said, usually the FC will say "reapproach" or "power reapproach" at least three or four times so you aren't likely to miss it.

    Do not shoot the gate. When cycling weapons and ewar, it is vital that you don't shoot the gate. If you do, you can end up aggressed and prevented from going through on the FC's orders. This holds up the fleet or ruins an ambush or gets you podded and you have to make a long run to catch up. If this happens, stay calm and make a report. You'll be given instructions. If the FC is busy in an attack and you're in immediate danger, warp away to stay safe and then catch up when you can. The FC will help you as soon as they can. They really do want you to live, learn and kick butt during this class.

    If you do end up aggressed and alone on a gate with enemies inbound, the best place you can warp to is an asteroid belt, planet or the star. On the way, create a midsafe bookmark, and immediately warp to it. Then you can proceed to make a safespot that is greater than 15 AU from any celestial object, and you should be relatively safe.

    If you end up going through a gate alone and there's nothing but the enemy on the other side and have no idea what to do next, here's your plan. Don't break cloak. Do a scan. Warp out fast. (If you can warp out to a place that you are already aligned to, you're ahead of the game.) As soon as you arrive, warp out again to confound pursuit. While you're warping, read your scan and make a good report to the Gang Leader. For example, "Recon, two Raven and two frigates in K-T 100km off gate 7-U". After your second warp (third if you're worried), put your speed on so no one drops on top of you and figure out your next move.

    If you are late going through a gate or joining the gang say "Friendly incoming" just to avoid an uncool panic or friendly fire accident. Actually, if vent is clear, you can start saying "Friendly incoming to X-70" as soon as you start getting close to catching up so the FC can keep track of where you are. He may have orders for you or ask for information.

    Electronic Warfare Orders and Reporting

    You will be broken up into squads, Track Groups (Tracking Disruptors) and Damp Groups (Sensor Dampeners). When you go into battle, your group will be given targets for weapons and EWAR modules. Here's a quick list of the voice call that you use when a module is active on your assigned target. Don't make the call until your module is active but if you can't hold the module on target (ie running out of cap) let the EWAR leader know before it drops.

    Active Module - what you say Warp Disruptor - Point Warp Scrambler - Scram Sensor Dampener - Damp Stasis Webifier - Web Track Disruptor - Track Target Painter - Paint Jammer - Jam

    You might also hear such things as "Easy Meat is primary" or "get a point on him" or "web him". Most of the communications was pretty self explanatory but that list above was just the one word. When you're in Track Group One and you hear "Track Group One on Easy Meat", you get that TD on target and, once you see the icon on the target, you say "Track". The exception is for Jammers. You are not actually jamming until you see the grey countdown bar underneath the locked target. That's when you call "Jam". There's a lot more to jamming that most of the other ewar modules but you'll have to read about that elsewhere.

    If things are going well or, alternatively, things go badly, you may end up engaged with more than one target. The procedures are the same but now the FC has to order and hear reports on two or more targets. For two targets, the orders might be "Easy Meat is primary. Damp Group Two on Easy Money." Everyone will be engaging Easy Meat except that Damp Group Two will be attacking Easy Meat while locking Remote Damps on Easy Money. This means that EWAR reports need to include the name of the target pilot. For example, you might hear the following reports: "Point on Easy Meat; Web on Easy Meat, Damp on Easy Money" and so on.... I think this is beyond the Basic class but you can see that it would be impossible for the FC to keep track of the situation without including the target's name in EWAR reports.

    Now if you lose track, run out of cap, have to warp away or get podded, you have to inform the Gang that the EWAR module is down. That's when you would say "Minus one point" or "Lost damp". You'll also need to tell the leader if you are out of the fight or coming back. If possible, try to make the report before you actually lose track or run out of cap. Once again, jamming is a little different. Remember to call "lost jam" before the countdown timer runs out. That way another pilot can try to replace you before the point or web or damp is actually lost.

    For example, Jimmie has been targetted by the Vagabond your fleet is killing:

    Jimmie: "Warping out, minus one point, will return"

    Remember there are no reports for locking target, firing, losing shield or getting into armour. It seems to happen all the time and you can't take up time on Vent that's needed to coordinate the battle.

    Broadcast - the red-headed step child of Eve Communications

    People don't talk much about broadcast but it's used every gang. The broadcast window appears on the lower right hand portion of the overview underneath the Fleet Window. In PvP Basic, it is used primarily to send navigation orders.

    The FC will say "destination broadcast" (or something like that) so you find it, right click and select set destination. Alternatively, the FC may say "waypoint broadcast". Now a waypoint and a destination look the same in the broadcast window so you have to listen. If the FC says "waypoint" you, find it, right click and select set waypoint.

    There can be problems sometimes so here's a few tips. If you try to set destination and you get the error message "cannot set the same destination", don't stop there. Go back to the broadcast, right click the destination, select remove waypoint. Then try setting the destination again.

    The other problem I've seen is when a destination and a couple waypoints are broadcast at the same time. Sometimes people set them in the wrong order and confusion sets in. Normally, the first one is the destination and the rest are waypoints. So set the first as destination, then set the next one above as a waypoint, then the one above that and so on. If you have any doubts, use gang text chat to confirm that the the destination is (for example) x-70 and there are 9 systems to go. If you're wrong it, you can sort it out before you align to the wrong gate and are tackled because incorrect alignment slowed down your warp.

    Duties - just the basics

    There are a few of the duties that you'll hear talked about. It's unlikely you'll get one but it's nice to know what they are all about.

    XO - Executive Officer. A second in command who deals with administration, squads, damp/track groups etc. This frees up the FC to think about tactics. In Basic, this is an assistant instructor and the XO term may not even be used.

    EWO or EWARO - Electronic Warfare Officer. If the Fleet is big enough you might have one of these who coordinates the ewar groups for the FC. I haven't seen on in a basic class yet.

    Scout, Recon, Skirmisher - these guys all do different things depending on their ships and skills but, for our purposes, they are all eyes in other systems finding us targets. Listening to how they report and the questions the FC asks them has really helped me.

    360 Scan - somone will be assigned the duty of constantly scanning for threats. Everyone should be doing this on a regular basis but by assigning the duty, the FC is just making sure he's always got someone scanning for targets/threats.

    Local - someone will be watching local to see if the number goes up or down in your system. He or she will also try to find the incoming pilot's information for the FC. Ideally, the local pilot reports one new pilot in system, their name and alliance to the FC at the same time that the 360 scan pilot reports a new Iteron in system.

    Probe Scan -a recon pilot is assigned to scan for probes that may be used to track down your fleet when in a safe. Alternatively, detecting these probes gives us the info that a cloaked covops is in system.

    Rear Guard - a person assigned to follow the gang last through a gate. He's kind of the herder to bug you if you're slow to go through and to tell the FC when everyone is in the next system.

    That's all folks. Hope it was of some value.
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    I don't know who you are but my word that is extremely useful. Someone sticky this thread and give this man/woman a medal!
    Also, walloftextLOL

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    brilliant post

    An irreverent look at gaming, and film; www.TheFunTurret.com
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    I'm sure this is useful, but my god man, formatting!
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    Originally Posted by Kelron View Post
    I'm sure this is useful, but my god man, formatting!
    The perils of copy and paste I expect, but a great post.

    Can we make this a sticky?
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    Excellent though they are, we can't make all these threads stickies :P

    I am adding them all to the stickied 'Tutorials and useful stuff' thread though.
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    This is all very good info - and should be read by people new to pvp ops and comms.

    Generally speaking all the termonology will be as is posted above - occasionally you get an FC from a different school of pvp and comm disicpline who will bring their own termonology. It might happen that pcge ends up with FCs from different alliance backgrounds - already in corp I noticed a few people who are from opposing ends of the political landscape.

    This guide will go a long way to standarise the PCGE pvp fleet.
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    Yeah, time has kind of ravaged my guides. They've been copied a couple times over the years as I've gone through forums and the formatting is kinda assy.
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