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    Old 07-16-2013, 04:25 PM
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    Default Raid Report - 15/07/2013

    We finally managed to get enough people together for a raid.

    Tanks: Aluzin, Steelhide
    Heals. Barks, Somni/Shattelle, Ekkohunt
    DPS: Bimble, Hiero, Zork, Waloper, Aynaria

    We were short one tank but Aynaria was able to get a guild mate to help us out. Aluzin has agreed to come again next week and hopefully more in the future.

    We decided that we may not have much of a chance against Tortos so we started again from the beginning. Jin'rokh went down quickly enough and dropped an agility trinket that no one wanted. We fought on to Horridon and although we had a couple of deaths we found that the nerf helped us out a lot and we were able to one-shot him as well. He dropped a cloak for Aluzin and a wand that can finally replace Hiero's blue-quality weapon.

    We cleared all the next lot of trash, including a special quest mob. He didn't do anything exciting but was probably less annoying than the regular trash. We had a few shots at Council but we were a bit disorganised and couldn't get anywhere. DPS wasn't amazing but we have beaten it with worse.

    It's great that we managed to get a full team together again. Thanks to the Awesome members for their help as usual. Léman thinks that he may have a new recruit for us as well so that should help. Gárcia has left the raid team however to raid with another group. Everyone please keep signing up and maybe we can beat more than three bosses soon
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    Old 07-18-2013, 05:25 AM
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    Sorry I'm a bit unavailable at the minute guys, hopefully work will settle down soon so I can get off late night Mondays :P
    At least you got to raid though
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