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    Old 04-17-2013, 09:49 AM
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    Default Raid Report 17/04/13

    Tanks: Doom, Meki (Sam) and Slim
    Healers: Sid, Archaz and Darieth
    Melee: Somni
    Ranged: Littlesky, Noheels, Zalid and Aph

    Thanks to Darieth for helping us out and for Sam for logging to come and tank for us.

    First we went to ToES where we had one of our better runs. We cleared the whole place in 40 mins with only one wipe which was not on Tsulong. Sam did an excellent job of tanking, especially as we threw him in at the deep end.

    The rest of the night was not so great as we headed in ToT. For some reason people failed at trash, stupid things like falling off of bridges. Slim then appeared and replaced Meki tanking. When we got to Horridon we had a couple of what felt like half hearted attempts. Although we consistantly got to the third door no one was really on top of their game. I think we had a lot of waiting around and people dying to trash and so the team got a bit restless. Archaz had to leave at 10 so we called it a bit early.

    Although it is a shame we didn't kill Horridon this week we do seem to have made the best of the week we have had. A few MSV heroics, clearing ToES and killing the first boss in ToT is better than nothing and still provided us with a few bits of gear.

    We are on a big recruitment drive at the moment so with any luck we will be able to get in some new members and get back to raiding as normal.

    The plan for the week will be ToT mainly with progression on Council. Hopefully we will have a full team on Thursday so we can make a start. Back up plans as always as MSV HC and ToES.
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    Old 04-17-2013, 05:11 PM
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    ToES was a pleasant surprise. Tsulong was a really nice one shot.
    Shame Horridon did not go as well as we know we can do.
    It's been a weird week all in all, but as you say, we've managed to make do and get something out of the week.
    Hope Sam did not feel put out when Slim was brought in to tank as he had done well up to then.
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