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    Old 07-10-2013, 02:44 PM
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    Default pcgamer revel alliance

    ok we all know ppl generaly dont look thru stuff properly
    if it dont jump out at them they dont find it,
    now there is little point makeing a revel alliance sub forum on here as we use our own guild site for that


    however it might be helpfull to either sticky this post in main swtor forum or change mints subforum name to include revels also.
    (allthough we do have a thread stickyed in mints subforum it would seem ppl just are not looking in the euro imperial guilds forum to find republic guild ,hence a few threads in this forum area of ppl looking for rep guild or offering to make one)

    Revel alliance

    revels are currently a strong social guild with some hm ops progress ,
    we are a guild in our own right and not just an alt guild
    (tho we have got things set up so ppl can move between the 2 guilds with ease)
    we have a good calender of events each week.
    we clear all lv 55 AND lvl 50 ops ,we also run worldboss farming groups each saturday evening at 8pm bst where we help ppl get there speeder from killing the world boss
    we have also recently started a pvp evening on fridays , (rdy for upcomming inter pcg pvp comp)

    anyway check us out ingame , all account types welcome
    may the force and pcg always be with you

    PCGamer Revel Alliance GM

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