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    Default 21st Marine Expeditionary Unit - RECRUITING!


    Hello, I am SgtMaj. Smith of the 21st Marine Expeditionary Unit. We are an ARMA II CO gaming community that represents a fictional Marine Expeditionary Unit, but this doesn't mean that we sacrifice realism. We wish to have a well structured unit as soon as we get more members. We do not consider ourselves a clan, however, because we are not entirely dedicated to ARMA, as we play other games when we are taking a break from it, such as Project Reality for BF2 and more!

    Another note that I should add is that we are not the 21st MEU which has been around for a while. We are a completely different community and are in no way associated with them.


    - Must be at least 16 years old.

    - Must have an working microphone.

    - Must have ARMA II: Combined Operations.

    - Must have Teamspeak 3.

    - Steam (Optional but recommended)

    - Xfire (Optional, but can be used as an alternative to Steam for contacting one of us)

    - Must try to be an active player.

    - Must show respect towards superiors.

    How to join:

    First of all, the player needs to contact us through the following methods in the "Contact us" section down below. After a successful application, you will receive recruit tags, be placed on the combat roster, and shall await basic combat training at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twenty-nine Palms. This training consists of the basics, as well as straightening you into a true marine. The courses involved includes: pistol and rifle qualification, navigation, basic ACE usage, basic radio communication, and basic formations. After you finish training, you will become a Private and from then on allowed to participate in combat operations. Any member is allowed to request advanced training depending on which specialty they are interested in. You will earn your rank by showing respect, activity and loyalty towards the unit. Be advised, because we strive to be as realistic as possible, the ranking system doesn't allow the player to rank up fast. But that doesn't mean that you won't be promoted at all. Do you duty, do your best, and you'll make us proud.


    Due to lack of members, we currently have only have 12 members divided into 2 teams: Alpha team, which is our Main Assault Asset, and Bravo team, which basically contains all of our higher echelon assets, such as Special Operations, Aviation, and Recon. There will be a more diverse structure added later on as we grow.

    Available Positions:

    0300 Basic Infantryman

    0311 Rifleman

    0302 Infantry Officer (Depends on if you have prior experience, as well as if you enroll for Officer's training.)

    0331 Machine Gunner

    0621 Field Radio Operator

    0911 Drill Instructor

    0913 Marine Combat Instructor

    1371 Combat Engineer

    5811 Military Police

    We have way more to offer than just this, but only available by request/promotion. This is what we are asking for the most at the moment.

    Mod List:










    @Jayarma2lib or @Jayarma2lib_new

    @LEA (Recommended)

    These mods listed above are the mere basics that we use. We also use map mods such as Fallujah, 29 Palms, Clafghan, Isla Duala, Lingor, and more! We also have custom mods that are exclusive to us only. If you need help with getting any of our mods that you need, our staff would be more than willing to help you out.

    Contact Us: For security reasons, we do not provide the Teamspeak information to the general public. If you are interested in joining, please add and/or message any of the group officers on Steam or Xfire if they are online. They will provide you with the Teamspeak information and we can go from there. You can also PM me on the forums, but I will not guarantee an immediate response.

    Steam Group: [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/21MEU/[/url]

    Current Group Officers as of 7/17/13:

    - Col. Johnson

    - Col. O' Neill

    - Cpt. Vespalec
    Xfire: Screen-name: Capt. Vespalec-21st MEU
    Username: mat10193
    Steam: CPT. Vespalec 21st MEU
    - SgtMaj. Smith
    Steam: SgtMaj. Smith - 21st MEU
    Xfire: russ1544

    Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to see you in the field soon! Semper Fi!
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