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    Old 02-04-2013, 11:29 PM
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    Originally Posted by Alm View Post
    I'm not sure I agree. Yes it may be more societally useful for the police to do this, but I still think it's wrong (not fire and brimstone wrong - and possibly not amazingly newsworthy, but just not correct).

    I'm not expecting to win anyone who disagrees over, just stating an opinion.

    Also I think the term "common sense" is bandied about way too much. And I find it nearly as annoying as the sensationalism in writing that Dayve is talking about. "Slams" is a good example When people retort they always "slam" someone. Or "Blasts" for the same thing. It makes it sound a lot more hostile than it actually is.
    I don't think common sense is taken into account enough.
    Though I blame the Daily Mail mentality of promoting ignorance accounts for it (I.e " The NHS never told me that if I took the 24 pills they gave me all at once, it would be bad. Yes they did tell me to take one ever 4 hours but they didn't tell me that if I took all of them at the same time it would be bad.
    Surely the tablets should know to only work every four hours?)
    It really does make you doubt Darwin.
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    Old 02-05-2013, 08:00 AM
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    I don't think common sense is a realistic objective when people bring it up. I think it's a good thing to have common sense but it's 'common', i.e. most people have it, not everybody. As you mention Darwin, you can't have survival of the fittest (and therefore evolution) without people being unfit. Those are the people who regularly make the headlines because they are not the norm.

    Also I'm not sure how common sense really comes into the OP. There are little facts over how you should act when your decade dead child's identity is used without your permission by the police. As I said, I know that it's more useful for the police to do this, but when they are the letter of the law and by extension ultimate role models for us all, something seems a bit off.

    EDIT: Sorry, I don't think my head's screwed on this morning. That wasn't really an 'in context' reply, was it?

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    Old 02-05-2013, 11:19 AM
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    ahh back in the 80s when those commie bastard CND marchers and Miners needed sorting out. Now of course some of those damned student protestors have grown up and gone in to politics (now on the opposition side) we will probably hear a lot more stories like this.
    Om - Thats a funny thing, winners never talk of Glorious Victories. That's because they're the ones who see what the battlefield looks like afterward. It's only the losers who have Glorious Victories.

    T Pratchett, Small Gods.
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