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    Old 01-25-2013, 10:04 PM
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    Question Upgrading to a gaming PC?

    Good morning, afternoon, evening to you forumers. I need your help on upgrading my PC to a badass gaming PC.
    I remember posting here before, but now that the budget has increased, I've decided to post once again and give you something to break your boredom

    Total Budget : 700-850$.

    *PC info:
    CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 @3.40GHz
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 2GB
    RAM: 8GB DDR3
    PSU: [url]http://i.imgur.com/YgQssXK.jpg[/url]

    Alright, so according to my fail of a researching session, I've noticed that my CPU is not that bad and it is pretty good for all the upcoming games and the ones we have atm. RAM is not an issue, 8GB is more than enough. My HDD is around 1 Terabyte. The issue is with my GPU though, I'm wondering if 800$ would be able to get me a good GPU + a power supply which would be able to run it, I'm also planning on buying a new gaming monitor/headset for my PC/PS3 but it's not gonna be from the budget stated in here..

    Tell me what do I really need to upgrade, and give me a few names of the components you're advising me to upgrade. Also, just as a note, I'm planning to buy top-notch headsets, something like the Astro A40 2013 edition I believe ? Am I required to get a new sound card ?

    Thanks for the help in advance!
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    Old 01-25-2013, 10:13 PM
    Belimawr Belimawr is offline
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    you would probably want to swap in a decent slightly more powerful power supply, the 350watt continuous is really low, look at something like a XFX 550 watt, then assuming your case is big enough shove an AMD 7950 or 7970 in and you will have a really strong PC and should come in way below your $800 budget.
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