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    Old 01-04-2013, 01:56 PM
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    Default Sheep farm griefing!

    Dear all, sorry for having to post this, but i guess it qualifies as griefing. Being a pixel artist, I need wool, therefore i have 2 sheep farms, one at my Foxcorp ground and a more substantial one outside bright water. However, On return to bright water sheep farm, i was shocked to find holes dug under the fence, to let the sheep out, and the vast majority of the Project important sheep Had vanished, Some were left wandering around, but the majority have been killed. As i am working on a project currently, this is a major setback, as the main components were my, black, Green, Blue and white sheep, now most of them gone. I am saddened that this has happened, and hope whoever the culprit is will please step forward, I also have pictures of the damage, so if the culprit could own up to this or someone could report who it was, that would be most appreciated. This was a deliberate attack as there was a stairs out, but only a drop in, Luckily, only the main pen, and the 2nd mini pen were breached, i still have a few sheep left in the 1st minor pen, and the second medium pen If i could have some help catching who did this, i would appreciate it greatly, As the server does not tolerate Griefing!
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