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    Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
    I liked the stories in the old series, the new stuff is all character based the stories are just an aside, and I've got a nice pair of rose tinted specs which make all the crappy special effects go away.

    if it was as crap as you'd like to think it was it wouldn't have lasted as long as it did and then get resurrected again, lets face it there would be no new stuff unless there had been the old stuff, now show some respect .
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    First Doctor I remeber was John Pertwee. The next two were okay but it went downhill starting with Peter Davidson.
    Eccleston and Tennent were a massive improvement, my jury still out on Matty.
    Om - Thats a funny thing, winners never talk of Glorious Victories. That's because they're the ones who see what the battlefield looks like afterward. It's only the losers who have Glorious Victories.

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