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    Default Indie: One Night 3 *Horror Game*


    One Night 3 is the latest addition to Dark Gaia's One Night series of horror games made with RPG Maker VX. As this game was intended as the final game in the extremely frustrating to make series, it's been made far more expansive, involving, story oriented and scarier than its prequels. The survival horror gameplay present in the previous games is still here; only now it is much more refined and the game should be the most fun of the three to play. Also, the game, although having a mostly stand alone story, links back quite heavily to both of the previous games, and ties all three titles together in one huge story arc, resolving the plot lines that have run through the entire series.

    Story Outline

    It's been years since Tom has seen his beloved sister Alyssa. You see, she was a hot shot journalist and spent a lot of her time away from home, trailing press conferences around the world. Tom's learned to cope with her absence though; ever since his parents died he's been quite alone anyway. However, the last time Alyssa went on one of her press chasing trips, she never came back.
    It seems, from what Tom can find out, that she was called to the mid western town of Stillwater, to witness an invitation only technology demonstration held at the town's university. Problem was, on the day that this event was supposed to occur, something else happened.
    Now, the town is abandoned, and those who've ventured there don't ever seem to be seen again.

    Tom knows that this was the last place his sister was seen alive. He knows that he has to find the only bit of family he has left. And so, let's all join Tom as he journeys to Stillwater...


    One Night 3 brings the player to the town of Stillwater, a place overrun by evil as a result of some mysterious catastrophy years ago. The town is a vast urbanised area, situated in the middle of acres of primeval forest land. Before the incident occured, the town was proposed to have a population of around 12,000. Situated next to a once prosperous coal mining complex, Stillwater was a huge source of industrial activity. The town is fully self contained, with a motel, a hospital, a sewer system, and it's own university.


    - Scary atmosphere and locations. Moody music, limited fields of vision and a subtle sense of dread make One Night 3 as tense as it could possibly be.
    - Fearsome, disturbing enemies, which can be combatted with three painful weapons utilizing a quasi real time event based battle system.
    - Emotion charged story. Discover secrets about the town, yourself, and the unknown fate of those you love, and bond with people drawn to the town just like you.
    - Link to the previous One Night games. Discover where they fit in, how they relate to each other and One Night 3, and resolve all the niggling questions left over from past instalments.



    You can download this game from the page here:


    Additionally, you can download One Night 3 from here:
    Bored? Why not give One Night a try? Can you survive the nightmare?

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