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    Originally Posted by Daniel View Post
    It;s sad really but we are generally small minded creatures and as much as we like to think different all that really matters to us is what we encounter in our daily routine.
    I'm fairly sure the majority of the population are purposely kept numb in the mind. It's easy to see it, on the television and in other media or by religion. The aim of those things are to keep as many people as possible numb so that the 1% who control not just all the wealth but all the world as well can continue to be the only enlightened human beings on the planet.

    I find that the shite on the television makes me angry. Like x-factor, soaps or whatever, so I don't watch the television. Religion disgusts me, it's an insult to the human race, so I don't do that. It sucks that the human race is small minded as a whole as the potential to be so much more is there, it's just not used.
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