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    Old 09-16-2010, 08:10 PM
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    Default Slight problem with RPSH

    Corp chat was a bit quiet this evening so I thought I'd hang out with the cool folks from RPS:

    [19:16:30] JarasM > damn outlaw Nemesis, but I couldn't get a lock in time. btw Tama - OMS yielded nothing but BCs/HACs so I'm omw to Syndicate, you best hide the silverware :P
    [19:22:31] Duckslayer > haha
    [19:22:36] Duckslayer > are you blue to us?
    [19:22:57] JarasM > Yep
    [19:23:05] Duckslayer > er, you arent
    [19:23:05] Captain Beardface > You <i>should</i> be
    [19:23:16] Captain Beardface > but eben fails 2 standings
    [19:23:42] Duckslayer > almost certain he will have blued whoever asked for blues, not the corp
    [19:24:21] Captain Beardface > aye
    [19:25:51] JarasM > oooh a sabre I remember enough about the game to stay the hell away from them in a frigate
    [19:26:16] JarasM > also having blues that can shoot me is just part of the fun
    [19:27:06] Duckslayer > in that case, we can probably oblige
    [19:27:18] Captain Beardface > You can't, since you're not in fleet you fag
    [19:27:25] Captain Beardface > not in syndicate either
    [19:27:29] Duckslayer > so?
    [19:27:39] Duckslayer > ive been in syndicate for months
    [19:27:41] Captain Beardface > So you can't shoot him derp
    [19:27:50] Duckslayer > it was a collective we
    [19:28:11] Nimloth Valinor > Shoot who?
    [19:28:17] Captain Beardface > Himself
    [19:28:48] Duckslayer > in the foot
    So slight problem there as they are blue to us, but we aren't blue to them so you might want to look into that

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    Old 09-16-2010, 08:19 PM
    SAeN SAeN is offline
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    And we are having another absence of Directors while Bim is AWOL, and term/buceph are having uni internet problems. We definitely need a restructure. I'm too lazy (or drunk), someone mail Eben and ask to make us RPSH fwends.
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    Old 09-17-2010, 02:08 PM
    The_Terminator The_Terminator is offline
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    Bleh, I'll talk to Eben when I finally get back on. It's not a huge issue until then, unless people want to go hang out in Sydicate. In which case you can mail him yourself :P
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