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    Old 10-27-2012, 01:06 PM
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    Default RvB Ganked #43 - Sunday 28th October

    Ladies and Gents,

    Quick reminder that RvB Ganked is on Sunday this weekend for those who fancy a bit of large fleet PvP action.

    Details as follows:

    Date: Sunday 28th October 2012

    Time: 19.00pm EVE/GMT/UTC

    Theme: Merlins, Punishers, Incursus, Rifters & the T2 versions: Harpy/Hawk, Retribution/Vengeance, Ishkur/Enyo, Wolf/Jaguar. Fit for dps. Bubbles & Scouts are exempt from theme as normal

    Meetup: Onnamon / Kinakka (For blinkies)

    More info on the RvB website: [url]http://rvbeve.com/forums/[/url]

    Mumble is a must (listen only - no need to get involved in comms) details also on the website link above.

    Bring at least 2 fully fitted ships, I'll be setting off from Stac around an hour before hand in a hauler if anyone wants a lift.

    Last week was fun, started with an impromptu POS bash, we got a few more kills on the PCGE killboard, and several of us got killmails.

    See you there,

    Eve Online:
    CoreBreach Aideron
    SecurityBreach Aideron

    World of Warcraft:
    Healstorm, Steamwheedle Cartel
    Igore, Darkmoon Faire
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    Old 10-28-2012, 01:18 AM
    mconan mconan is offline
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    Good stuff im planning on coming along!
    Most likely in a harpy, need to check some pvp fits.

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