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    Old 10-06-2012, 12:57 PM
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    Default Pc problems can't play high graphic games, please help.

    Hey, let me give you some background information. My problem is that my PC runs absolutely fine if I'm just browsing the Internet or watching YouTube videos, but as soon as I go to play a game such as DayZ, Borderlands 2 or for example the Planet Side 2 beta, my PC just shuts down without warning, my screen just goes black and its kinda' scary every time it happens, can anybody help me please? It was fine until I installed my new Graphics card. I've heard it could be an overheating problem but my PC does not feel hot at all. Please help me, thankyou.
    My PC specs:
    CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor (3.3GHz)
    RAM: 8GB
    Graphics card: GTX 660Ti
    PSU: 850W (Not sure about the make)
    Windows 7 Home premium.
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    Old 10-06-2012, 02:01 PM
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    Have you installed the drivers for the new card? Kind of a stupid question but you might've just missed them.
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