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    Old 08-18-2012, 08:45 AM
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    Question Do gamer worry too much about being politically correct?

    Hi everyone!
    First topic here but i had a question for all the gaming community
    I was looking for sleeping dogs gameplay video yesterday and i found the video of someone who basicly made a capture of all the ways you can kill a girl in sleeping dogs..


    Well i found the video kind of funny but i was surprise to see all the torrent of negative comments about it.

    I'm wondering are we hypocritical here ? We praise game like call of duty where we basicly shoot and kill everything whois not approve by the current clinton/bush/israel foreign policy, we have absolutly zero problem to slander a bunch of arabs or japaneese.. even russian ! who after all just died 40x more then the whole US army in WW2

    Are we all victim of our cliche ?
    Why beating the sh1t out of women if the game allow it is 'bad' ?

    this remind me this 'outrage' about pussy riot trial
    but why nobody is outraged by the 3 strike law in the US ?
    or the fact that we have more people in jail in the US then anywhere else ?

    Im the kind of guy who kill everything in video game... in real life ? well i'm like a giant care bear !

    But why getting mad about 'video game' and not caring about all the war our government wage instead?

    I dunno but i found this pretty alarming.. are we all post modernist ?
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    post modernist era, sleeping dogs

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