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    Default Arma2 CO Unit

    Do you think you have what it takes?

    Do you have the mind set to handle Teamwork and Tactics?

    Can you maintain Discipline and Respect?

    Then the 4th Special Forces Group is exactly what your looking for. We are not a realism unit. We are a Military Simulation Unit. Our training system is ran and taught by actual Combat Veterans that have served in the military at home and overseas. Not only do we have U.S. Vets, we also have U.K. Vets and other Vets from across the Globe. We also have currently serving members of the military.

    Our unit currently has 4 sections, however we are all part of 4th SFG. Each performs a certain task that works in unison with the other sections. These Include:

    75th Rangers - Our primary infantry based role, offering the largest variety of roles from infantry, to medical, to the Support shops (S1 - S4), to radio and explosives.

    160th SOAR - Rotary wing aircraft used for transport of troops and equipment and for Close Air Support

    353rd Air Wing - Fixed wing aircraft used for Close Air Support, Troop Transport and AWACS

    SFOD-A/B - Special Forces detachment, Open to E-5's and above. Providing asset and strategic demolition, intelligence and recon, Sniper support and hostage rescue.

    Some out of our many Features:

    *Veterans Program- We try to give back to our veterans for what they've done for their countries. Real World Veterans here only. We do check a sanitized DD-214 Document for the entry level in the veterans program.
    After completion of Basic Training, veterans will be implemented into this unit as an E-4 Specialist. We challenge People here- I look for quitters and drop outs. Only the Strong survive here. I don't care about numbers people. We believe in Quality over Quantity.

    *Veteran's experience- As written above, the 4th Special Forces Group has many veterans among the playerbase, which contribute from their personal experience towards trainings, tactics, discipline and other feats who makes this unit as real as it could get.

    *A Sponsored Unit - The 4th Special Forces Group is Sponsored by GamersPlatoon - “GamersPlatoon is a gaming community made for gamers, by gamers. We have fun, form new friendships and enjoy our gaming time.”

    The 4th Special Forces Group:

    We're taking limited applications for recruitment. Requirements for the application Guidelines are as follows:

    The following rules and regulations are in effect at all times. These rules are not flexible or negotiable in any way. 4th SFG members are required to abide by all rules and regulations at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dishonorable discharge from this clan.

    1. Real life comes first. Many of our members are parents, have jobs, and in some cases serve in the military on active duty. Real life will always take precedence over gaming or clan business. We will tolerate no disrespect towards a member that has to stop what they are doing to attend to real world matters.

    2. Discipline and professionalism is required at all times. This is required on all 4th SFG servers as well as in any other server, public or otherwise.

    3. All members are required to maintain proper rank discipline at all times, in all forms of communication. This courtesy will also be extended to members of allied clans.

    4. Insubordination and disrespect are not tolerated in any way, shape, or form, regardless of the situation. All members are required to conduct themselves in a professional and disciplined manner at all times, in all forms of communication.

    5. While participating in a match in game, regardless of the situation, all members will maintain a professional and disciplined demeanor. It does not matter if an opposing player is cheating, hacking, or behaving in a rude or disrespectful manner. Our soldiers will not stoop to their level.

    6. Dishonest game play is completely unacceptable, and will result in an immediate dishonorable discharge, as well as a ban from all 4th SFG servers. Dishonest game play includes, but is not limited to hacking, ghosting, comms ghosting, glitching, or abuse of any other game mechanic for personal gain. We have zero tolerance for dishonesty from our members and on our servers.

    7. While in game, all members will refrain from unprofessional communications of all varieties. If there is an issue, the highest ranking NCO or Officer present will handle that issue. Under no circumstances will a 4th SFG member participate in an argument in game chat. If the situation can not be resolved peacefully by the OIC or NCOIC, all 4th SFG members will exit the server in question in a quiet and professional manner.

    8. You are required to have the following programs installed: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead or Arma 2: Combined Operations. We use both Teamspeak 3, and six updater. If you have any issues finding or installing these programs please contact the staff, or the S4 department, and we will provide assistance.

    9. We require a minimum age of 16 for membership in the 4th Special Forces Group. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religious preference, or any other criteria, and will not tolerate any type of discrimination from our members.

    This unit is not just a clan, its a brotherhood, if you think you have what it takes to be apart of an elite team/unit. Then check us out at: [url]www.4thsfg.com[/url]


    Look for an "S1" team member on our teamspeak and ask for more information.
    Teamspeak 3:
    xfire: ranger3bn - LTC Viper

    Thank you
    SGT. Raid.R, The 75th Rangers/4thSFG.
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    hmm... -looks thoughtful- ...

    Well, technically it's Advertising so it's not really allowed
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