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    Old 05-20-2012, 12:37 AM
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    Default Application

    __PCGE Application Form Start_____________________________________________ _____

    Eve name: Eriol Hiiragizawa
    PCG Forum name: Quinsisdos

    Character is my: MAIN
    Playing Eve since: 2nd May 2005 (On and off)
    Actual Skill Points: 7,773,451 (VERY on and off)

    Main Profession(s): Other / Spying (I have covert ops skills on my queue atm)
    Usual Eve Time online: Evening / Night

    I would like to join PCGE Corp because: The reason I've been on and off for 2005, aside from completing a university degree during that time, is I've never really found my spot in EVE. I've been a part of a couple of corps, but nothing ever really seemed to happen (Despite one of them being in 0.0 during the SA/SE days). It would be nice to have a focus in game, I might actually stick with it.

    __PCGE Application Form End_______________________________________________ ____
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