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    Default Build Contest Rules and Regs, Redux

    Rules, Information etc about the build competitions.

    * Usually, entrants will be by signups, the very first round was a 4-slot invitational, we *MAY* hold future invitationals depending on time, the phase of the moon, what I had for lunch, etc.

    * The contest will be to build *whatever* you want to a given theme e.g. "A Miner's Lunch" or "Windswept"

    * The only materials you may use are those provided for the contest.

    * Yes, thats right, you'll be getting materials provided to build with, in a specially constructed bedrock'd build area, floating high above the world (read, the arena walls hit the skycap, so you have a limited Y-axis to build in)

    * How the contest will work - You are given a 20x20 area to build in. The *HEIGHT* of the area may vary, but is currently *12* blocksIn addition, you have a little room with a sign reminding you of the contest theme, and a second room containing some (or none!) of the following:

    > A Crafting Table
    > A Forge
    > A Double Chest.

    You may not get all of the above - each topic will have a different supply of materials and services; you are of course welcome to craft any of the above from the supplied materials if you feel its necissary... (In the invitational, a number of players craftily used leaves to make saplings to make trees to make wood to make stuff)

    * Each phase of the contest will last for a short period of time (24 hours currently). At the start of each phase, your chest will be updated with the build material for the phase, and any material not used in the previous phase will be *REMOVED*. NOTE: One of the rules of the contest is that any non-used material be returned to the chest before the end of the current phase. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of the contest rules, and carries dire punishments...

    * After a set number of phases, the walls will be removed, the judges (a panel of creatives/mods/admins) will vote and a winner will be declared!

    The Rules
    1) /cprivate your doors before you do anything else.
    2) All material must be used or returned to the chest before the next section of the contest begins.
    3) Breaches of rule 2 *CAN* and *WILL* be spotted, punishments will range up to and including inventory clear and /tempban. Entry to ze contest is an agreement to not be a naughty boy/girl.
    4) If a furnace/workbench/whatever is not provided in your build area for a given challenge, you *may* use provided materials to build one.
    5) You may only use materials provided for the contest. N.b. /kit tools is allowed however, so you don't need to craft your own pickaxe/whatever if you misplace a block.
    6) Yes, that means you can't bring in a bucket of lava to make a cobblestone generator. This is considered cheating
    7) If at any point saplings are provided, farming trees for wood is ok.
    8) No peaking at the other builds. The contest area is by the skycap anyhow, you won't be able to build higher than the glowstone ring round the top.
    9) Build fast, there's only 24 hours between each lot of materials!


    1) Are you gonna screenshot my epic build???!?!1

    A) Yes. Specifically, I'll be doing a run round each build at the end of a phase that consists of:
    * Screenshot the build in progress for a forum post
    * Worldedit-count the blocks used, and look at what's left in the chest to check that no blocks have been removed or added from the contest area (i.e. no breaches of the rules)
    * Remove any unused blocks from the chest, replace with the next phase's materials

    2) Will this help me get [Creative, Mod, Admin] rank?? I wants to be ah moooddddddd!1!eleven

    A) No. Also, Yes. Basically, this contest is being run by me (Ctrlphr34k, just in case that isn't clear from the bit top left...) - but that doesn't mean that winning = insta-creative. In fact, the only prize definatly confirmed for winning is a ikkle sign next to your build in the gallery of entries I'll be making stating that you won the contest on a theme of xyz. Oh, and *PUBLIC DISPLAY AT SPAWN TIL THE NEXT CONTEST STARTS* *HOWEVER* If someone were consistently winning my little contest, it would certainly not hurt in gaining my vote were they to be brought up as a candidate for creative.

    3) Y can I no use my [random dayglo-wool blocks] in your contestz?

    A) These little challenges are intended to be a test of three things:
    * Building skillfully in a restricted space
    * Building on a theme
    * Building on a reduced set of materials
    In order for it to be a true test, everyone needs to be building from the same set of materials.

    4) What materials are you going to provide?

    A) Depending on the specific contest, I may or may not supply full lists on a contest or phase basis. For the invitational, I'm trying without supplying a list of the specifics, however in general the phases will be some or all of the following in order:
    * Ground - dirt, gravel, sand, stone
    * Growth - A Hoe, Saplings, Seeds, Flowers, Grass and Shrubs, Leaves & Tree sections.
    * Construction - Stone, cobble, bricks, wood
    * Decoration - wool, diamond, redstone, redstone gubbins, torches, bookcases, etc etc
    * Movement - water buckets

    5) Y So harsh if i steals these xyz blockz from the contest?

    A) Because, we don't give out blocks. As a result, I'm going for overkill punishments in an attempt to prevent exploitation of my nice contest idea.

    Finally, seeing as how the PCG guys decided to feature these contests in the magazine, any chance I can get this rules thread stickied? pretty plx?
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