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    Old 02-20-2012, 04:34 PM
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    Originally Posted by Red Leader Zala View Post
    True, true and in the second those DTs were just lovely XD
    I didn't like those so much :<
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    Old 03-19-2012, 06:35 PM
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    Originally Posted by NoX View Post
    Just don't play DotA 2 during your break, I've wanted to behead people thanks to that game.
    LOL its amazing how ragey games can make people. sucks we've all been there.
    Originally Posted by Blue Eagle
    SC2 is the single most frustrating game ever, but OH MY GOD it's so satisfying rolling over someone with a billion roaches
    1000% agreed
    Originally Posted by Swiss
    Starcraft is a game that's very easy to take really seriously, and a lot of the time I realised I wasn't having any fun playing it, so maybe stopping was a good decision.
    I can’t decide atm if its worth it to me to commit 100% getting back into that game. Current obsession is L4d2 bc its so easy and leisurely….

    Its the only game I've ever played that makes me want to break things. Unfortunately I gave into the rage and took a 9 month break from sc, even though its my favorite game. Lets just say, the break did NOT help my game.

    It is addicting though. I saw my husband over the course of 1 week (I've teased him mercilessly) :

    1 love this game!!--->argh! NEVER playing this again! *uninstall*--->reading forum posts and watching youtube videos on sc2 -----> Reinstall
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