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    Old 12-20-2011, 05:39 AM
    adrean adrean is offline
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    Default Am i wasting life in video games??

    I play video games. I have for a couple of years of my life now. I would say I used to play maybe 10-20 hrs a week. Now maybe only 4-5. Ever time I do, my Parents always say, "Turn that damned thing off, your frying your brain and wasting your life!" Am I? Is it really a waste? It is fun isn't it? I'm wondering if I should stop. Or maybe I should just play less. What should my comeback be to them if they say that to me? I was wondering if I could get other peoples opinion on the subject. It would help me and be very interesting. If you do, thanks.
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    Old 12-21-2011, 09:54 AM
    kevin_white77 kevin_white77 is offline
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    Which game do you play
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    Old 12-22-2011, 05:53 AM
    Kevinario Kevinario is offline
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    What game he plays has no influence on his question.

    There is nothing wrong with gaming it's just a hobby/entertainment like any other.
    Some people like to read books or watch tv all night, iff you like to play a game that challange you or makes you happy that is fine aswel.
    A hobby becomes bad when it influences the rest of your life in a negatieve way, where the only thing you can do is the hobby and nothing else.

    You can use Google to find many study's about gaming and the positive influence on the development on the brain and thinking.

    Your parents have no right to dismiss your Hobby because they dont get it or it isnt theres, aslong as you life up to the rest of life's responsibilitys.

    4-5 hours a week is like 45 mins a day, how much time do people watch TV a day?
    i bet allot more since a series runtime is about 43 mins withour comercial and a movie is 2 hours and more.
    You can just look up statistics of this aswel on the internet.

    Hope this helped you with your question.

    Greetings Kevinario
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