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    Old 09-01-2011, 02:56 PM
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    Default Installing Steam games to more than one drive

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if it is possible to have mutliple install drives for Steam? The first game I installed on my new PC was Shogun 2, so I installed it on my SSD without realizing it was a Steam game, and Steam was also installed onto my SSD. Well, now after buying and installing a few more games, I've only got 30GB left on my 120 GB SSD!

    I can reinstall some non-Steam games on my HD, but I know I will be using Steam a lot going forward, and I don't want to really do a lot of uninstalling and reinstalling on my SSD to play new games. However, I also want SOME games to stay on the SSD, notably Shogun 2.

    Is there a way I can have two Steam apps folders on seperate drives? Or is it an all or nothing deal? Ideally I would like to install steam onto the normal HD and just keep Shogun and a few non-steam games on the SSD as needed.
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    Old 09-01-2011, 02:58 PM
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    Not possible. Yes, it's greatly annoying but that's Steam for you. Putting the "steam" in "steaming pile of shit" since 2003

    In practice, there's a few things you can do: in the SteamApps folder, you can select all the games you won't be playing soon and move them to another drive. Then, when you want to play them, you can move them back to the Steam folder. This is the only way really.
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    Old 09-01-2011, 03:21 PM
    Palodin Palodin is offline
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    Could try a symbolic link as described there. I know a couple of people who've used them and it seems to do the trick. Bit of an awkward method though as you'll probably have to do it per game

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    Old 09-01-2011, 04:14 PM
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    I did the same thing, don't worry, it IS fixable. It's just a bit of a nightmare.
    Step One: Backup ALL games on Steam. This will take from a few minutes to several hours depending on how many games it is.
    Step Two: Transfer the backups to the drive you want Steam on.
    Step Three: Uninstall Steam
    Step Four: Re-install Steam on the new drive
    Step Five: Restore backups
    Step Six: Any new games, after they've downloaded, move them to a folder on the SSD and create a symbolic link to them as detailed in Palodin's link

    EDIT: Any non-Steam games you want on an SSD will need to be installed on the SSD by default, and then you just need to tell Steam where they are.
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    Old 09-01-2011, 05:39 PM
    Ctrlphr34k Ctrlphr34k is offline
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    Is there any reason you can't just create a shortcut on the desktop to the steam exe (call it SSD Steam), copy the whole steam folder to the HD (yes, this works. copied steam folders in one since 2009 ) and create another shortcut to the exe there (HD Steam)? And then toggle off steam-autoboot. I *believe* steam only looks at the folder its started from for games, so you *should* then be able to uninstall the relevant ones from each steam install.

    Of course, the con of this is you then don't get steam-auto-startup, and patches for games will only be auto-downloaded on the currently running steam. Might help tho?
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    Old 09-01-2011, 06:58 PM
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    I think it's about time they gave us the choice of where we install each bloody game... I have a separate HDD for my games, my SSD for my OS & certain programs and a third for backups & other media.
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