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    Default Rules of Raiding

    We have a few incidents in the past with raids running by different rules and people becoming confused by what is going on. Although most of this post is hidden somewhere in the forums I thought I would collate it all into one and sticky it so that everyone is clear.

    Rules vary between raids as different people like to raid differently. It is therefore unfair of us to lay down one set of rules for everyone who wants to raid. Win and Awesome, both run different raid set ups with slightly different rules and so it is only fair that the same applies to all pug raids and calander raids.

    The Raid Leader is the one who sets down the rules for that particular raid. For Win and Awesome most of their rules are documented in their forums. For other raids it is slightly different as they do not have a designated space.

    At the start of a raid the raid leader will always lay down the rules and what is expected (eg: anyone can role for any loot, whether it is for main spec off spec or you are an alt. OR Only main specs roll, if none of them need it it will go to offspec are 2 examples). If they do not and you are unsure then you should /w the raid leader and ask as this avoids confusion and arguements later on.

    What the raid leader cannot do is change the rules half way through to benefit themselves, for example saying you can only roll for main spec then something drops for their offspec and they decide anyone can roll despite people needing it for main specs.

    Some leaders are up for some compromises so you can always ask if you disagree with the loot system or how it is being run but please be nice about it. Say for example you want to tank but you are asked to offspec heal, ask the raid leader if you can roll on the tanking gear, rather than the healing gear as that is why you attended the raid.

    Overall, always make sure the rules are clear before you start a raid. If you are not happy with the rules then you can always leave the raid (we rarely find this occurs). If the raid leader starts chainging the rules to benefit themself and is not taking into account the others int he raid then please feel free to chat to an officer, and we will try and iron out any issues (it is helpful if you take screenshots).
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