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    Old 07-14-2011, 02:46 PM
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    Default Need a Boomkin?

    Hey peps,

    Any of the raid teams in need of a lazer-chicken?

    Recently dinged 85, hit capped with an ilevel score of 348 last time I checked but I've since got some zanda hc goodies so it may be higher.

    Previous raid experience in both Burning crusade and WotLK.

    Im aware that both teams seem to be full, but I thought there wouldn't be any harm in asking just incase, and I'm willing to act as a backup if that's all thats going. Unfortunately I can't make Sunday afternoons or else I would join Sarkis' venture.

    Obviously my gear probably isn't suited to Firelands progression, but I should be able to handle all the previous stuff :-)

    Oh, and I should mention this is Torvhal here, not Obliteration as I rerolled for cata and havn't got round to updateding my profile yet.
    I'm in game way more than is good for me as it's either that or write my dissertation and lets face it; WoW wins hands down. So gimmie a buzz in game if needed :-)
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