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    Default Tribe Gaming Hellgate:Global Chapter currently Recruiting.

    For those who haven't been interested Hellgate has finally relaunched with a no wipe open beta here in NA/EU. With that I am happy to announce that Tribe Gaming has reopened its chapter.

    We were one of the FIRST guilds formed in the ORIGINAL Hellgate and one of the LAST to log out those dreadful days of January. Not many can truly boast that fact. We as a group of mature, fun loving, and often schizophrenic gamers we are proud to wear that entitlement on our sleeves/hats/tentacles. With dedication and fun mountain dew powered gaming lust do we enter the void of combat to bring about victory for our clansmen.

    Be it a casual gamer with only a couple of hours every few days to the most hardcore 24/7, 3000 hours logged, theory-crafting machine ready to sally forth into the darkened abyss that is PvP. We want YOU.

    Through a rigorous and well thought out interview and resume process we weed out the unruly and down right distasteful of the internet allowing only those who show the signs of being a good member. Maturity, Respect, and Activity are the life's blood of any group.

    Interested in joining? Got some questions? Take a look at our [URL="http://forum.t3fun.com/hellgate/guild-recruitments/tribe-gaming-join-the-onslaught-mature-1368/"][FONT="Arial Black"]official recruitment thread[/FONT][/URL]

    Or go to [FONT="Arial Black"][URL="www.tribegaming.com"]www.tribegaming.com[/URL][/FONT] and fill out an App.

    I'm not sure why I never posted here on PC-gamer. The community is awesome.
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