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    Old 01-25-2013, 11:52 PM
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    Default Prot pally gearing

    Hey all,

    I've been tanking for a few months on my alt but I'm slightly confused with the gear I should be getting.
    Every fibre in my body tells me parry/ dodge.
    However if you read up on some pally builds the best seems to be the mitigation build.
    If my weaker stats are parry and dodge doi go for dps gear or stick with traditional tank gear and reforge?

    To gear for mitigation
    Hit (to 7.5% cap) = Mastery > Haste > Expertise (to 7.5% cap)

    To gear for Avoidance:
    Strength > Parry = Dodge


    Thorillin 90 prot paladin
    Thorilin 90 ass/combat rogue
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    Old 04-05-2013, 02:01 PM
    Donbar Donbar is offline
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    I used to be a class leader for paladins in another guild back in TBC (so my advice is at least 3 Exp packs out of date) and I don't know the specifics of recent changes, but the paladin back then ffirstly focused on becoming un-crittable bye bosses (getting block+parry+dodge past 108.x%) then focusing as much as possible on block chance and amount. The current Prot Paladin mastery (block chance and amount) seems to still point towards this logic, but you'll probably need to ask someone with more recent experience just to be sure.

    During the short time I played WotLK Blizzard were starting the process of homogenising the classes so they were becoming less distinct, but in TBC Paladins could mitigate a lot of incoming damage but had the least amount of avoidance with a 'low' health pool, Warriors had the most avoidance but not much mitigation with a 'medium' health pool, and Druid Bears had a fair amount of avoidance but zero mitigation but very high health.

    Sanju - Level 90 Troll Druid
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    Old 04-08-2013, 11:07 AM
    Darieth Darieth is offline
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    How you prioritise your stats as a Tankadin depends largely on the content you're tackling. For normal mode raiding, I'd go for a high control / steady damage intake build, which means:

    Cap hit (7.5%)
    Cap expertise (15%)

    This gives you a good rate of HP generation, leading to smooth damage, as opposed to the spiky damage of an avoidance-heavy build. Speaking as healer and raid leader, I wish all tanks took damage as consistently as a Paladin.

    If you need more advice, our main tank Danatheron will be happy to help, just give him a /w.
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    Old 04-08-2013, 11:09 AM
    Darieth Darieth is offline
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    Incidently, this does mean that several items that look "DPSy" are, in fact, your best option. Don't be afraid to roll on those hit/exp/mastery items, even if there's a +str socket bonus.

    One other thing I didn't mention; assuming you're using Seal of Insight and the Glyph of the Battle Healer, this build gives a lot more healing than an avoidance one would, because you're hitting the boss a lot more.
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