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    Old 05-22-2011, 11:05 AM
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    Firstly, I use 'x' to put a raid icon on a target, my down button was bound to 'j'. I dont ahve the luxury of using x to sit/go down as I'm not a huntard.

    raid report.

    on raid were:

    Firstcontact, Goffik, Oskrilyth, Dreigaur, Surprise, Torlok, Wyrmy, Coot, Hubi, Me,

    Basically we spent the entire night working on Al'akir.

    After moving a few things around we ended up with goffik tanking and first doing dps - this seemed to alleviate the threat issues our dps was having in p2 , and made controlling of the stormling adds easier.

    We managed to hit phase 3 a few times and once we can enter that phase smoothly we should be good. I do think flying down at the start, and then moving up gradually will be the way to go for us.

    Sorry again for my connection issues, ill dont know what it was, and if we'd had anyone else around to join I'd have stepped out. Hopefully it wont happen again!
    If i'd been smooth I think we'd have entered that final phase about 30/40 seconds earlier and given the healers a chance as they wouldn't have been oom.

    GJ to coot for seeing the fight for the first time and keeping our tank alive.

    Only loot from this raid was Dreigau getting some off-piece gear

    For tonights raid (sunday 22nd) I wont be able to make it so Belara will lead the raid. Be nice to him (not too nice).

    On tuesday if you can make it we'll be going back to al'akir to finish him off.

    Just so you know, Oskrilyth is now offical MS dps, with OS tank which is different to how he's been rolling for gear until now

    GL tonight, see you tuesday!
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