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    Old 07-14-2010, 07:45 PM
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    Goffik, my old 8800GT was great for if you forgot to connect the power lead, it made one hell of a noise to let you know, the first time it happened I was like WTF!

    but I find that is the biggest problem with self made PC's either something doesn't seat right in the socket first time or you forget a power lead (quite easy to to do when you have all the fans and drives I do) my stupidest mistake being forgetting to push in the motherboard power lead as I had is stood over the socket but hadn't plugged it in.

    altho built a PC for a mate dropped it off round his for him to plug the stuff in and start it up and finish the the windows setup, only to get a phone call that is wasn't working turned out when he was connecting all his leads the PSU lead had fell down the back of the desk so he never realised he forgot to plug the damn thing in, I got a good laugh out of it tho.
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