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    Old 05-12-2011, 07:43 PM
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    Default Saufron

    Hello, i would like to join PCG. I just re-installed WoW after a 6 months break or something like that. I got one lvl 85 shaman on Wildhammer but that's pretty much it. I've been playing since vanilla and i've always enjoyed playing with nice people. I just created my charater, Saufron wich i will be leveling up to 85(If i can do that before Swtor^^). I'm pretty "mature", that does not mean i'm like boring or something My point is i won't start fighting because of the pleasure of it, and i will keep the swearing to a low level. I've been reading the updates on PCGamer a looong time now but i didn't regrister an account before now. The reason was because i didn't find the reason for it, but now that i saw the forum section(Give me a medal^^)I created one, and i would love to play with you guys as previously said
    P.S It's pretty "late"(Got a huge test coming up tomorrow) and i'm kinda tired so sorry for this being such a long thread, but i hope to see you guys soon and talk to you later
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    swtor, wow

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