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    Old 04-14-2011, 04:23 PM
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    Default Team Epic 13/04/2011

    The Players:

    Sarkris [ON TRIAL]
    Neat [ON TRIAL]


    Petrarch [ON TRIAL]
    Contagion (poorly)

    Bosses killed: Omnitron, Magmaw, Halfus hc, Valiona & Theralion, Ascendent Council, Cho'Gall, Argolath

    A slighty bitty raid, because I'm trying to fit as many trials in as possible right now. Also, we tried some utter fail tactic on Magmaw and only just killed him. Slash is a tactical genius, clearly.

    Halfus hc was as brutal on the healing as ever, but after a few attempts we managed him, only 5 seconds after his enrage! Good work to the fleeing Uru, who probably saved us from a 1% wipe.

    Leaving heroic mode on for Valiona was rather interesting, and getting her to 85% without realising why things were very hard was pretty good!

    No trouble on the rest of the bosses. On Monday, we'll finish BWD and hopefully for Conclave and Al'Akir. I have made a decision about a couple of trialees, but as it's not all happy clappy news, I'll contact you individually in-game.

    Good work everyone.
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