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    Old 04-08-2011, 07:03 PM
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    Default Clatterstyx's grand day out...


    Stupid squishy Imperial cretins, who do they think they are, covered in all that fancy skin - you can't even see their bones!

    Anyway, yesterday was a special day for me - there I was questing away happily in the Swamp of Sorrows (as if Orcs didn't smell bad enough, these green-skinned death machines seemed to enjoy wallowing in the muck) when I noticed the Guild was calling all Horde members to make the final push for Level 25..

    Ordinarily I would have just carried on doing what I was doing (killing beasts and collecting plants), after all a lowly Level 56 warrior with only Lackey status didn't feel he could make a difference? Could he?

    Hours later, with bleeding eyes, sprained fingers, and a girlfriend wondering why I was so engrossed with the game (well, more than normal) I finally saw my efforts reach fruition... Level 25 for the GUILD! Of course, my own contribution was paltry compared to others, but yet, I feel I helped, and therein lies the feeling of achievement.

    Joining in the raucous celebrations in chat of my fellow guildies, there suddenly formed a plan.. Raid Stormwind on their new mounts (Scorpions with a mean streak a mile wide) - and the offer went out, anyone want to raid?

    Dare Clatterstyx join in the assault?

    Darn right.

    Did I die?

    Yup, over and over. Those damn Alliance dogs and their arrows that do 3000+ damage, and me with only a health pool of 3800 (Hey, the Dark Queen decided not to help me out that day - bit selfish considering all I'd done for her.)

    However, many of my raid colleagues did wonders, one daring devil managing to land on the roof of the Headquarters (I think - hey I've never been to Stormwind before, cut an undead noob a break!).
    Suddenly the call went up - Mass teleport to my position.
    And there I was, a level 56 warrior whose plate armour might as well been made of tissue paper, on the roof of Stormwind headquarters, running around and putting his hands in the air like he just didn't care... Suck my boney backside you Alliance dogs!

    Did I die quickly?

    Ohh yes.

    But when I recovered my corpse, I found myself in a nice little Alliance garden - well, could have done with a few more gravestones and skulls, but hey, Forsaken can't have everything.

    Time for a few mementos.

    As close as I dared to get to those Alliance un-undead cretins before getting a 3000 damage arrow up my undead backside.

    Getting killed over and over after invading a capital city is tiring work, so I found a place to rest my weary bones - nice view though.

    A friendly Alliance lady - unfortunately my efforts to bury my two-handed axe in her head and earn some xp proved for naught - she seemed unattackable, perhaps even Forsaken have some inbuilt moral code...

    Having grabbed the holiday snaps I decided an undead who runs away un-lives to fight another day, so hearthstoned my weary skeletal body back to the Swamp, my armour the worse for wear but oh-so-happy inside.

    I've not been here long, but by the Dark Lady I'm having fun - and when I'm big and grownup those Alliance archers are going to feel my pain, and my Scorpion mounts sting up their.... well you get the idea.


    PS : Thanks for the day out fellow Guildies, muchas gracias...
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